J&K governor briefs Centre on unrest

J&K governor briefs Centre on unrest

By NOOR-UL-QAMRAIN | Srinagar | 7 May, 2017
Narendra Modi, Kashmir violence, Jammu and Kashmir, N.N. Vohra, Rajnath Singh, A.K. Daulat
President is currently in Secunderabad for his southern sojourn.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take a final call on how to go forward to resolve the Kashmir violence following his meeting with Jammu and Kashmir governor N.N. Vohra, who briefed him about the ground situation on Friday.

Earlier, Vohra had met Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday and apprised him about the ground situation of Kashmir.

Informed sources said that Vohra is inclined for dialogue with the separatists and all other parties and focus on developmental activity in Kashmir. Vohra has reportedly submitted a detailed report on Kashmir to Home Minister Rajnath Singh and to PM Modi.

Earlier, two former National Security Advisors to the Prime Minister counselled the Central government that they should initiate dialogue without any further delay in Kashmir. A.K. Daulat in a newspaper interview has said that by adopting muscular approach in Kashmir, the BJP government “has invited Pakistan to Kashmir”. He cautioned that dialogue was the only key to bring Kashmir out of the present mess. Another former NSA, M.K. Narayanan has advised the government to initiate dialogue and not go for any further hard policy.

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