India’s fake secularists and phoney liberals

India’s fake secularists and phoney liberals

By M.D. Nalapat | 14 October, 2017
The fact that a Dalit youth has been appointed as Head Priest of the Manappuram Shiva Temple in Kerala has been entirely ignored by the phoney liberals.

A dictionary would show that secularism mandates equal treatment for people of all faiths. Ancient India welcomed people of faiths entirely different from what was then practised within the subcontinent. Conversely, it would be difficult to argue that all faiths were treated the same during the six centuries when the Mughals ruled much of India, or during the three centuries when it was the turn of the British to be the masters. While there was probably discrimination against Dalits and some “backward castes” during what may be called the Vedic (i.e. pre-Mughal) period, it was the Hindus who were at the receiving end of discrimination during Mughal rule. The mistreatment continued into the British period. The new colonial masters ensured that much of the Hindu temples and their lands and properties that were left after the Mughal period were taken over by the state, while prime plots of land in the cities were gifted for the construction of churches. Hence, while there existed historical grounds for post-1947 affirmative action in support of the Dalits, as also some “backward castes”, the continuation by Jawaharlal Nehru and his successors of Mughal and British-era policies that discriminated against the Hindu community was uncalled for. Nehru seems to have been taken aback during 1935-46 by the growing support of Muslims in the subcontinent to the concept of Pakistan. He apparently came to the conclusion that the best way of preventing a re-igniting of separatist sentiments among the Muslims who remained in India after Partition was to give them additional privileges. The post-1947 provisions relating to minorities in the laws and practices of the country have instead had the predictable effect of increasing rather than reducing feelings of separation between “minority” and “majority”.

Unexpectedly for a BJP Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee retained in full the practices initiated by Nehru, rather than ensure a transition to genuine secularism through doing away with differential treatment by the Central, state and local governments to people of different faiths. Narendra Modi appears to have decided to put off to his second term such a rectification of colonial practice through phasing out the Nehruvian distortions of the secular ideal. The PM has instead been focusing his efforts on creating a cashless economy and a zero-tax evasion society during his first term. It speaks for the self-confidence of Modi that such feats are being attempted through the same colonial model of administration and law that the country has been choking under throughout its seven decades of “Independence”. Thus far, the Prime Minister has not accepted the counsel of those who have called for a complete break from the past in matters of both personnel as well as policy, and has decided instead on a policy of a more gradual incremental change.

Moving in lockstep with fake secularists are India’s phoney liberals. These look to cues from CNN and BBC while fashioning responses to events. Which is probably why they have almost entirely ignored such events as a Dalit youth being appointed as the Head Priest of the Manappuram Shiva Temple in Kerala. The concept of caste as a consequence of birth belongs in the same lunatic asylum as Adolf Hitler’s racial theories, and yet to the “liberals”, the temple appointment is not even a hundredth as important as demanding that the Rohingyas get resettled from Myanmar to India. The 22-year-old Yadukrishna represents the spirit of his faith before its calcification began through the adoption of “caste by birth”. The “liberal” media seems to be almost ignoring the new Manappuram Shiva Temple Head Priest and his guru, Aniruddhan Tantri, who is quoted as having correctly pointed out that the Vedic concept is that “one becomes a Brahmin by his or her deeds and not by birth”. If India had more genuine and less fake liberals, by now there would have been hundreds of Yadukrishnas conducting rituals in traditional style at Hindu temples across the land.

Another sign of the distance our country needs to traverse before it can earn the tag of being “liberal” is the shoddy example of the Indian Navy. Another of the numerous institutions in India still loyal to the hypocrisies and misperceptions of the Victorian era (at a time when the UK itself has moved far beyond such tommyrot), the Navy has dismissed simply for having undergone a sex change operation at her own cost, and that too while on leave. Both the Army as well as the Air Force have shown the absurd prejudice against the induction of women in combat wings to be wrong, and so should the Navy. Prime Minister Modi has often spoken about the need to ensure justice for women, and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman should therefore step in to ensure justice for Sabi.

India is ranked even below North Korea in health and nutrition. The primary reason for this is a hypocritical and self-obsessed ruling class. “Liberals” in India such as Palaniappan Chidambaram oversaw the passing of laws that would have raised eyebrows even in North Korea or Saudi Arabia. 21st century India has become the easiest country in the world to get arrested in. Genuine secularism and liberalism is needed to cleanse the nation of the havoc caused by toxic policies. India has millions of truly liberal heroes and heroines such as Sabi. We have millions of genuinely secular citizens such as Yadukrishna. They need to be celebrated and empowered so that India evolves into the genuinely secular and liberal state that it needs to be, in order to thrive and even to survive.

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Over confidence sunk the BJP in 2004. Ominous and worrying signs of over confidence again.

lack of unity among hindus, disloyalty towards bjp costed them elections in 2004. The election in reality was lost by honest people as congress looted the nation and not bjp over the next decade.


The fake liberals are mostly from the so called convent educated urban elite.They are beholden to Nehruvian socialist ideology even today while the world has moved forward. They would want to champion the causes of Muslims and Christians and seen as flag holders of the Secular thought, without recognizing the areas where Hindus have moved forward in accjepting that it is necessary to accept and live with what history has bequeathed.With so overt and irrational support by these fake liberals and securlarists, we are now seeing a push back by the Hindus. Having seen support, many Muslims still do not want to integrate and put country before religion and want to have sharia in places within the country and also indulge in converting Hindus to their faith.Christains on the other hand believe it is their obligation to convert the Hindus to their faith in large numbers luring them with money and rice bags.Many Hindus have converted to Islam and Christianity and never needed the sanction of their religion to do us.Thats Hinduism, where individuals have choice to practice any faith.

The appeasement of minorities and handouts of crumbs is what Con Grass, TMC and Communists have well established. No wonder even after 70 years we are a third rate nation lagging behind in all human, social and civic index.

Excellent write up. Nailed it!

Very true. All British era institutions such as IAS/IFS, class 1/2/3/4 employees in govt, officer class separate from constabulary in defence & police services etc should all be dispensed with at the earliest.

Pure spirituality reveals that the Supreme Father is one, we may call it God, Allah, Ram, Waheguru or Akalpurkh. Names are many, but the God is one. This oneness leads to oneness of all Prophets like lord Ram, Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, Prophet Muhammad or Guru Nanak. This oneness further leads to oneness of all religions. And this oneness leads to oneness of whole mankind as a huge family. Or we can say universal brotherhood. This is the essence of all religions, and this is pure secularism.

Yes, Antonia. India has always stood for secularism. May it continue with this strength!

Our polity and politics has been working with a mix of traditions, caste, religion etc in society and governance exploited for power and money by ingenious use of policies, crime, organisation and people's greed and prejudices. Development, education, health care too have been exploited to that end only. Modi Govt has made a welcome departure, but the entrenched system is fighting back and we need to pitch in to support it to give ourselves good life.

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