Acceptance feeds healing

Acceptance feeds healing

By REV. DR. RICHAR... | 10 December, 2017

Kant was on his journey back home; fearful and embarrassed to face his family. He was ashamed of the behaviour for which his boss had penalised him. His heart pounded violently as he finally stood before his mother. However, to his utter amazement, Kant was received home with open arms and joy. This unconditional acceptance helped him heal and grow in faith.

The acceptance unlocked Kant’s silence and he was free to be honest and vulnerable. Parts of his life that he had been hiding from God and others were brought to light. Kant now entered into right relationship with God and people in his life.

The security of acceptance helps us share the inner swamp of our life, knowing people will not leave us. The assurance of people “being there” for us when we need them most, builds us up. God is always there for us even when we go astray. We can confess to Him and rely upon His love and truth. God is there to guide us, and following His ways leads us to life and peace. Jesus, in His love, died for us while we were still enemies of God (Rom. 5:6-8).

Acceptance in relationships brings with it security, stability and strength to solve our problems. Being ourselves also frees us to grow in righteousness; shattering masks we once held dear. We find it easier to be real about our views, happy times, humour or care for others, however, we might think our depression, sad times, addictions, and neediness are unacceptable to God or people. Therefore, we live our lives as if these parts do not exist. We need to experience all of our inner life, whether good, bad, or broken, in order to be whole. Let’s remember what is not brought into the light of God’s love and relationship cannot be matured, healed and integrated into the rest of our character. We are safe in the love of God to be ourselves.

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