Russiagate: A case built on lies

Russiagate: A case built on lies

By Tom Paskal | 23 December, 2017
US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin take part in a family photo at the APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam on 10 November 2017. Photo: Reuters
Team Hillary concocted a ‘dossier’ claiming Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians to swing the election.

Miami: In 1972, President Richard Nixon’s re-election committee sent spies to break into the opposing party’s headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. Their job was to plant listening devices so Team Nixon could illegally wiretap their campaign communications. Watergate was a real story about a real crime.

In 2016, America was again locked in a presidential campaign. President Barack Obama couldn’t run for a third term, but he desperately wanted Hillary Clinton elected so as to cement his agenda and legacy. Not only did Obama campaign for Hillary, but also he allowed the massive powers of the US government to help her campaign.

Team Hillary concocted a “dossier” claiming Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians to swing the election. The dossier was then used to convince a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court that Trump’s campaign officials should be spied upon. With the FISA warrant in hand, the FBI and other top intelligence agencies wiretapped Trump campaign communications. In other words, instead of breaking a lock to get into a room as in Watergate, they used a fake story to get a fake legal excuse to steal opposition communications.

It could be argued the levels of evil in Watergate and Russiagate are the same, but the story doesn’t stop there. Nixon won his re-election, whereas Hillary (and Obama) lost.

Soon after the election, Team Hillary created what they call the “resistance” and essentially declared war against the Trump presidency. This time, instead of using the dossier to steal Trump communications, they decided to make it public to try and destroy his reputation.

The Obama-Hillary resistance put the Russia collusion “insurance policy” out into the media echo chamber. Suddenly the mainstream news networks were talking of nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia, and the need to impeach Trump.The Russiagate story became a quantum leap more disturbing than the Watergate story.

They gave the dossier to Trump-hater Senator John McCain and his people, who got it published at Buzzfeed. This allowed it to be publicly acknowledged by the FBI. Of course it wasn’t news to them as they had been involved in its fabrication from the beginning and even paid some of its “research costs”.

The lead FBI investigator on the Trump-Russia collusion story was Peter Strzok. He is so biased against Trump that he said in a personal text message to his mistress that they need an “insurance policy” against him in case he wins.

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes said the “media is an echo chamber” who “literally know nothing”. Ben knows whereof he speaks as his brother is David Rhodes, president of CBS News. The Obama-Hillary resistance put the Russia collusion “insurance policy” out into the media echo chamber. Suddenly the mainstream news networks were talking of nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia, and the need to impeach Trump.

The dossier evolved from being a key for wiretapping a campaign, into a scheme to undo the results of a Presidential election. The Russiagate story became a quantum leap more disturbing than the Watergate story.

Details have trickled out slowly through congressional hearings and other types of investigation. After the Christmas break more plotting by top government officials will be exposed. When Team Trump says the deep state is fighting them, these are some of the people (Strzok, McCabe, Orr, etc.) and Russiagate was supposed to be their best weapon.

If the plotting is proven, Trump will have won over a plot more far-reaching and complex than Watergate ever was. It’ll be a new day in America.

Instead of the defeat symbolised by Watergate, Russiagate may come to symbolise triumph.

Tom Paskal is an award winning American journalist, author and screenwriter.


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CSIS Murdering Ring and CIA Operation in Russia The following events have occurred over the past 8+ years and involve numerous heinous criminal acts and activities. The people (CIA, CSIS, Canadian Government) who have committed these acts have attempted to kill me, destroyed my life and my family, stolen from me, and systematically targeted me in a culture of torture, abuse, and manipulation. I am in fear for my life, and I cannot return to Canada or I will be killed or worse continue to be tortured. I am asking for your help in investigating and prosecuting these criminals while facilitating my, and my families safe passage and asylum out of Canada and into the United States of America. I had dedicated my entire life dedicated to canada (cadets/military) and service until the murdering and thieving canadian government systematically and maliciously betrayed me and made several attempts at my life. I spent 18 years in the Canadian armed forces which culminated in a “voluntary release” May 2016. I was forced out members of the Canadian Armed Forces and by members of CSIS as I was in fear of my life after several attempts at it. In addition to the attempts on my life, I was systematically tortured, abused, stolen from, and manipulated. I was specifically targeted with multiple attempts at my life (which is covered in detail later in this document). I have illegal implants in my body which were inserted initially by CSIS and with more implants by the CIA later. These include chips/micro-processors in my pituitary gland (to control emotions), another somewhere in my central nervous system (to control my body), an illegal radio, and an illegal microphone/jaw or throat microphone. The intelligence community is also able to use these to induce a form/state of hypnosis while sleeping (admittingly I am not sure if this is done within a REM sleep cycle or elsewhere – but this is fact). These have been used to torture me and abuse me at unprecedented levels for several years after failing to kill me after numerous attempts, theft of my intellectual property, and throughout trying to have me “conform” or join the intelligence community without consent. The beginning of my exposure to the CSIS murdering ring began while I was in the Canadian Armed Forces and stationed in CFB Edmonton. During my time in Edmonton, I was tasked as an escort for Cpl Donald Pike after his “accidental” vehicle death. Cpl Donald Pike was a co-worker with whom I had served with in 2006 while deployed in Afghanistan. Although he was not a friend (no outside work acquaintance), I had enough exposure to him and his personality to understand who he was. Prior to his death, while on an exercise in CFB Wainwright, he professed to me that he thought he was about to die and was extremely scared and acting in a manner completely atypical of the Cpl Donald Pike that I had known up to that point. It was blatantly obvious that he was terrified that he was going to die. He did. Supposedly he died in a vehicle “accident” south of CFB Edmonton. Several events which happened after his death (including attempts on my life in a similar manner) have occurred since, his which leads me to believe that he was murdered. There is/was a concerted effort to eliminate (murder) me in the same or similar manner on multiple occasions. The murdering and thieving canadian government has completely abandoned its responsibility in the killing of their own citizens/soldiers and have not compensated the affected families. After acting as his escort to his hometown and burial site/funeral in Newfoundland, I returned to Edmonton for the remainder of my posting there. I was sent home from Afghanistan in a fabricated drinking incident in 2009. At the time, I did not know that the incident was fabricated by members of CSIS who were within the canadian armed forces. After being sent home I was worried sick about my Soldiers until their safe return at the end of tour. This resulted in the destruction of my marriage due to worrying and trying to compensate for something that I was never responsible for (the responsibility of CSIS and the government of canada). I was then posted to CFB Gagetown. My wife told me that she was not coming with me. Our relationship was basically one of roommates at this point. We had not worked out the details of the property division but it was going to be fair and evenly distributed. I did not want to formalize anything – division or the divorce until I finished my testing for the year-long French course that I was on (and completely focused toward – I hired a private tutor, watched French movies, attended Alliance Francaise, La Cite, etc.). After being sent home after the fabricated incident, I was under enormous pressure to obtain a BBB profile to recover/progress my career. There was mounting pressure and tension by her mother to have the property divided. This tension culminated one evening at a party at our house (utilizing the initial illegal implants which at the time I was not aware were in my body). My wife did not want guests at our home, and this resulted in her phoning her mother while I had friends over. I had knocked over of items in my house (due to the manipulation of the illegal implants in my body). Her mother: teddy wahl phoned the police and told the police that I had PTSD and that I was abusive to my wife (which is not true – I do not nor have I ever had PTSD and I was never abusive to my wife). I am a good man and I was a good husband. I was wrongfully arrested (and ultimately acquitted) while asleep in my underwear. I was not allowed to return to my home or have any contact with my wife until the trial and eventual acquittal. While separated from my wife, I was forced to live in the quarters on base in CFB Edmonton. My life completely shattered, this is when CSIS recruiting ads began repeatedly appearing in my daily life. This is the first of two times that I applied to CSIS. I WAS NEVER HIRED, NEVER INTERVIEWED, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN AN EMPLOYEE OR HAD ANY ASSOCIATION WITH CSIS. These recruitment ads and recruiting by CSIS are specifically targeting people with destroyed lives (after they- CSIS have destroyed them). This resulted in a 5-year divorce with a complete abomination of the farcical canadian justice system (both criminal and family). Complete abomination of justice both within the criminal and family courts of canada. An example of this can be viewed during the criminal proceeding that was recorded via video tape. Please review the court proceeding videotapes. The divorce took 5 years to finalize, and was of only lawyer to lawyer divorce correspondance between my wife and me until the very end. This was orchestrated by CSIS and members of CSIS. I initially hired Shelly Smith as my initial counsel: she was a purposely incompetent lawyer that I eventually fired. Her replacement Michelle Di Toppa also delayed the divorce (or both her and Shelly were manipulated/instructed to do so by CSIS) which resulted in the 5-year saga. There was no way that I could have justice in either of the courts. In the criminal court, I flew from Gagetown to Fort Saskatchewan for the trial. On the plane trip from cfb gagetown to fort Saskatchewan I was manipulated again via the illegal implants in my body. Previously mentioned, my marriage fell apart after it was determined that I was being posted to CFB Gagetown (the Infantry School) and after the manipulation of my life and body. I worked in various positions in the Infantry school and this is when the multiple attempts of my life and targeted abuse and manipulation forced me out while terrified for my life. Still reeling from my divorce and trying to recover my career. I managed to obtain a BBB French profile while living in the quarters with my life shattered in CFB Edmonton prior to my posting. Upon arrival in Gagetown, I worked as hard as I possibly could have trying to advance. I have always been a hard-working man but I am talking about 18 hour days completed dedicated to my positions. I volunteered to teach a completely Francophone course which would improve my French and my career (I was trying to obtain a CCC French Profile and eventually Exempt status). Following the Francophone course, I taught on a BMOQ-L course again dedicating 18 hour days. I was then tasked to work within the Advanced Reconnaissance Cell within the Infantry School. I taught on several Advanced Reconnaissance Courses there concurrent to obtaining secondary schooling in the evenings/when I was not deployed. This was familiar territory for me as I had spent 14 years of my career within Reconnaissance platoon. I worked to obtain a Defence Security Certificate and additional university courses to improve my success at advancing my career. It did not matter what I did or accomplished, I could not get ahead. My French profile, Schooling, University, and experience did not matter. This culminated in a me redressing my Performance Evaluation Report (PER). I had my PER issued by Peter Kruger who the at the time was the OIC of the reconnaissance cell. I challenged him with the facts of my merit and accomplishments and stated that I would did not agree with my PER. I also attempted to give him some advice about effective communication. He response was negative and dismissive. There was a clear divide within the leadership of Advanced Reconnaissance Cell and you were either in the “in” crowd or you were not. I was not. Peter Kruger’s father is a member of CSIS. Having said that, I believe that the score/points that I received were part of a bigger picture to “support the regimental old boys club” and that Peter Kruger was simply told to write the PER accordingly and argued with me to basically try to shut me up and in the effort of the canadian military branch of CSIS to control everyone (members or not). I WAS NEVER HIRED, NEVER INTERVIEWED, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN AN EMPLOYEE OR HAD ANY ASSOCIATION WITH CSIS. I would not be silenced. I began the redress process beginning at the lowest levels. First verbally within the reconnaissance cell, then by submitting a formal redress of grievance at the unit level, and after it was rejected eventually at the area level. It was determined by the area commander (Nixon – first name unknown to me) that my redress would not be granted. I devastated again. I could not have literally worked any harder than I had. There were no more hours in the day. I had devoted my entire life to the canadian armed forces and I had done everything that I could to try and progress my career after my life and marriage had been destroyed the first time in Edmonton by CSIS. I was devastated enough to begin thinking of ways to leave the forces where my work ethic would be appreciated at the end of my 20 years of service (I would have received a lifetime pension of 40% wages if I had remained for two more years and I wasn’t forced out fearing for my life after multiple attempts at it by CSIS). This is the first time I booked an appointment to have the tattoo on my hand removed as I did not want to have a visible tattoo in a subsequent workplace. This is also the second time that I applied to CSIS after being devastated yet again in the forces (manipulated in every way by CSIS unbeknownst to me at the time). I WAS NEVER HIRED, NEVER INTERVIEWED, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN AN EMPLOYEE OR HAD ANY ASSOCIATION WITH CSIS. I was then cross-posted to Standards within the Infantry School in building J7. It was here that I designed administration software and hardware system that would improve the entire Canadian Armed Forces, and all other areas of the Canadian government where any form of administration was conducted. I “pitched” this administrative to the IT person responsible for CFB Gagetown and sent it to the IT personal responsible for the entire Canadian Armed Forces electronically via email. I also sent it to public service/ public works for the government of Canada. This was a genuine attempt to improve the administrative processes of government and to save work-hours and money. This proposal was repeatedly ignored. Knowing the full potential of the system that I designed and the complete lack of interest by those who I approached, I sought a patent for the administrative software and hardware with CIPO. I saw this as potential second career after the forces had “shut me out” for a lack of a better term (unbeknownst to me that my body and life were being completely manipulated by CSIS at the time and had been for years). Prior to this I approached a patent lawyer in Fredericton to garner an idea about the cost of obtaining the patent. After my second attempt at unsuccessfully applying for CSIS (absolutely no contact from CSIS), I thought about taking the software/hardware concept and having my own future company utilizing it. I mused about what I would do if I was potentially hired by CSIS after establishing the company and somehow applying the company to a reconnaissance role (which I had spent/dedicated most of my career within the canadian armed forces). I WAS NEVER HIRED, EVER INTERVIEWED, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN AN EMPLOYEE OR HAD ANY ASSOCIATION WITH CSIS. I named the future company: Oleaginous Mechanics I designed a plan on my computer after establishing a successful legitimate business (Oleaginous Mechanics) to map buildings while utilizing an excel spreadsheet (link). Specifically, I came up with the concept of doing business in Russia, while being able to map the buildings there while training to take a privately purchased (with funds from my business) rocket trip to the International Space Station. The buildings that I mused about mapping are Russian military and located in the space training area. I never disclosed this information, musings, or otherwise about this concept to anyone – ever. This is when my entire life was decimated. I began to be targeted with torturous abusive behavior, a hostile work environment, and threats by the people described later in this document. My computer and life was taken over by CSIS. It was communicated to me that my concept was “hijacked” by vance (CDS at the time) and the john brennan (former director of the CIA). They had both communicated to me in my Fredericton apartment while I was being tortured and abused at unprecedented levels. The mission was to take place with a motive of murder opposed to mapping buildings (targeting/killing a russian spy). This was communicated to me via electronic communication via my computer and illegal radio in my body. This was also communicated via face to face conversations with the ALSC in building J7 (within the infantry school) by simon, roger, barbara and there is video tape evidence of this (it was recorded). They (CIA and CSIS) stole my intellectual property and use it (and my business) to achieve their agenda of murdering in russia. My girlfriend at the time: lisa ward was/is intimately involved in this disgrace to humanity, and I believe her to be a member of the CIA. I was being tortured and abused throughout the entire duration of our relationship and she had said things that indicated that her aunt had “stuck a needle in my arm” implying that additional implants were inserted in my body. Being “tattooed”. It was at this time that the torture and abuse and the use of the illegal radio and other implants became obvious to me as I was at times incapacitated (this gradually progressed becoming worse and worse with years of unprecedented torture and abuse continuing to this very day). Despite this, I had fallen in love with her and her girls. I am still in love with her girls (Ali and Mia) and I have them included in my will. It was communicated to me while being tortured and abused to abandon my business and Oleaginous Mechanics patent (link) and delete/shred the concept. I did both. Fearing for my life and being abused, manipulated, threatened, and coerced daily. I ended up withdrawing the patent (after coercion – “shred-it”) from CSIS and the CIA in fear of my life (with several attempts at it) and I submitted a “voluntary” release the canadian armed forces. This is a copy of my release letter which I sent to those who I spent time with in my career trying to “quelle” the rumors of my release (a career Soldier does not release from the canadian armed forces two years shy of a lifetime pension without reason). The reality was that I was terrified for my life (with multiple attempts at it by CSIS, the CIA, and the murdering thieving canadian government). I was constantly abused, and wanting nothing more to stop being tortured. As a consequence of “voluntarily” releasing prior to my 20 years, the move from New Brunswick would not be paid for. I began giving away my furniture in preparation for the move after being run out of the forces and waiting for my release. I literally could only take what I could fit into my jeep with me. I was told to go to mental health by the chain of command after I gave away my furniture. I staunchly detested. I was ordered to go. I attended the session and spoke with a mental health nurse for a period of 5 minutes and I was cleared and considered mentally sound (she is the addressed in my attached release letter). It was clearly an interview to “go through the motions” and provide the forces later to claim that I was previously identified as at risk for PTSD – if their involvement was disclosed to the world (which I have attempted to disclose for several months without success Link) Specifically he information that CSIS and the CIA had made several attempts on my life, torture, coercion, the botched CIA operation in Russia, and the abuse could be written-off as a Soldier suffering from PTSD. I have never had PTSD and I do not suffer from it now. Prior to my release, I attended two COE visits one in CFB Pettawawa, and the other in CFB Shilo. These were a portion of my tasks while employed in the standards cell. The COE visits are to ensure quality and consistency in courses across Canada. While I was in CFB Shilo, I was intimidated again indirectly during a conversation that I had with Erin Bowes who was running a reconnaissance course at the time. During one of our conversations he said “we have the Stockton boys for that” alluding to evil or people capable of murder. I cannot remember the context of the conversation but it was completely out of place – enough for me to remember the phrase and it was implied that somehow that would be a repercussion for those who did comply with CSIS. My targeted abuse and threats culminated in several attempts on my life. These were conducted in the in the same or similar manner that I believe Cpl Donald Pike was killed (run off the road). The specific events are: 1. Driving East to West Fredericton _ I was in left hand lane driver in right hand lane swerved to try and put me into the barrier/crash. 2015 2. Driving South to North on highway 7. Bend in the corner of the road, as I approached the bend a pylon was in the middle of my lane (which you could not see until the last seconds of the bend). I swerved to avoid it and I narrowly escaped going into the ditch at highway speed. I drove for about another 500 meters – 1 km after avoiding the pylon. I then pulled over and turned around to remove the pylon from the road so that no one else would die. When I returned (less than 5 minutes later) the pylon was mysteriously gone. This was between 4:45 – 5:30 in the morning in the middle of nowhere. There was no other traffic (in any direction) during this time and no other possible way for someone to have moved the pylon from the road unless someone were waiting there specifically for me to approach and then subsequently removed it after the attempt on my life failed and they disappeared into the woods. I told my girlfriend at the time, lisa ward about the incident when I returned to her house later that evening. She genuinely had no previous knowledge of it (based by her reaction/body language). 2015 3. Driving West to East south of CFB Gagetown on highway 2: A Snowplow Attempted to run me off the road. 2016 4. West to East: West of Moncton. I was incapacitated with unprecedented abuse via illegal implants for several kilometers proceeding me pulling over several times prior to making it to the gas station (Irving Oil) as I was completely unable to function. There should be gas station video of this. 2016 5. Tortured and abused using illegal implants originating while I was in Fredericton, driving out of the city East to West, resulting in me pulling over west of the city. eventually pulling over here so that I would not crash. This was vance, john brennan (the second communication by him), and others - unknown. communicating via the illegal radio in my body. 6. Toronto West to East on my way to a Skating Arena, A driver tried to swerve into me, attempting to have me crash. Audio “if people aren’t trying to kill you, you are not doing your job” communicated via illegally implanted radio. 2016 CSIS and the CIA involved in this disgrace (john brennan and others) are Criminal murdering apparatuses using torture, abuse, manipulation, coercion, theft, destroying the lives of good people: ANYTHING to achieve their control, theft, and greed to meet their murdering agendas in the name of democracy. They utilize systematic torture and abuse daily: myself, my family, my girlfriend, and my friends which I experienced/witnessed firsthand. They have utilized this in children (Ali and Mia). I have seen otherwise good people – excellent people be tortured and abused and act in ways that they never would have otherwise. These cowards recruit by destroying good people’s lives. More examples: Disgusting programming of the “hypnosis/dream machine” in PEI. During several occasions while I was in my apartment, driving within NB, or walking on the street to the point where I attempted to kill myself on several occasions (using the illegal pituitary chip in my body). On one such occasion I was going to saw open a lock that I had put on a barrack box that contained my pistol ammunition so that I could shoot myself. I subsequently gave my pistol away to a friend so that I could not use it in this manner in the future as I was constantly being abused and manipulated by CSIS and the CIA. I was no able to eat food without literally crying or getting drunk, this has occurred up to and including my time in Vancouver. This continues to various degrees up to the present (using the illegal pituitary chip in my body). Not being able to sleep without getting drunk. Choking while in bed in fredericton, repeated torture to the point where I would plead for it to stop – completely incapacitated. Relationship with Advanced Reconnaissance Cell – targeted abuse and manipulation by sandford and an exclusion by everyone else. I was ostracized. larry sandford went of his way to “wish me a happy birthday tomorrow” on November 10th 2015. The following day while attending a Remembrance Day ceremony, with lisa ward and her children I was tortured and abused during the ceremony with lisa ward stating things such as “I’ll put you down” while I was being tortured. This is an absolute disgrace and it dishonored their war veterans, veterans both dead and alive, and emergency service workers during the Remembrance Day ceremony. Yet another disgusting example of the murdering, thieving, torturing, abusing CSIS and the murdering thieving government of canada. These are all conveniently warning signs/symptoms of PTSD that they (CSIS, CIA, and the canadian government can use as an excuse to demonize me - as previously discussed). Sleep deprivation and torture throughout. While I left Gagetown in May and was driving to my Father’s house in Winnipeg I had not slept in over two days, I was literally falling asleep at the wheel while being abused. Prior to finally sleeping for a few hours, I was told via the illegally implanted radio: audio that “you are the most abused person in the history of our organization”. I was also told “we are going to leave you alone now, but might ask you for advice from time to time”. I was also told “your father is as much of a coward as you are”. This was communicated by a group of people who I believe to be jim funk, chris cyr, sandford, and barry eddy. After releasing from the canadian armed forces While trying to escape these targeted threats, abuse, and the attempts at my life after years of abuse, I had thought of numerous ways that I could self-employ myself in the honest belief that these criminals within the canadian armed forces and associated CSIS criminals would be brought to justice one day. After I was threatened and tortured by CSIS and the CIA to withdraw my patent for the administrative software and hardware system (Oleaginous Mechanics) I needed to find another way to employ myself. I thought to myself at the time: what can I solve that would change the world and put me on the map? I had always been fascinated by science and I had dedicated some previous thought to quantum mechanics. I was facing this while being systematically targeted/threatened, tortured and abused after having my original administrative management system stolen by CSIS, multiple attempts at my life, and my pending “voluntary” release from the Canadian armed forces. I knew that If I could make some significant discoveries that I would be in a good position to begin a new career. I spent four months staring at two white boards while being targeted, tortured, and abused at work and elsewhere while waiting for my release in May. The result of this determined thought while trying to sustain myself in the future is the Unification Publication. The publication consists of two equations and 11 thought-experiments. The discoveries that I have made that will literally change our world: I have resolved the Energy Crisis, Gravity, Superposition, and Quantum Communications/Imaging. These are worth trillions of dollars. In addition to the discoveries within the Unification Publication, I have made several other discoveries since that I have incorporated into Patents. I have since applied for Patents on other non-quantum related concepts. I am facing a deadline of 13 July 2017 to have these filed with WIPO and have them fully protected. There is no way for me to accomplish after these people have systematically destroyed my life. These new discoveries are now the focus of these people’s theft as they are worth trillions of dollars (opposed to the original theft of my oleaginous mechanics intellectual property worth “only” millions in a hijacked CIA murder operation in russia). Both the canadian and US governments have manipulated and prevented both the filing and sale of my intellectual property (quantum and otherwise) to control the technologies and monies associated with them. I have incorporated a business named the Benjamin Allen Sullivan Renaissance Corporation (BASRC). which will be operated in Manhattan, New York. The specific details of my business can be read in my 84 page Business Plan. My VISA application Letter is attached. I incorporated the business in toronto, canada and originally intended to base it there and expand it. This was until I was systematically targeted and tormented literally across the entire country and world. The business will now without question be operated out of New York City, and I will have safe-harbor and US Citizenship. I eventually moved to vancouver trying to escape the abuse and targeting after being turned away at the border (mentioned later). After the theft of the administrative management software and hardware intellectual property by CSIS, and the CIA several attempts at the theft of my quantum discoveries and business were attempted. They attempted to influence my business and at one point resulted in a man in toronto yelling at me saying “I look better in a suit than you do”. Beyond this, they have targeted and threatened me to the point where I would concede that I would do business with the government of canada in the future (which I will not) after I have openly stated that I will not after continued threats and abuse. Repeatedly across canada various people within CSIS have communicated to me and tried to coerce me so that they could steal this intellectual property by trying to have me relinquish it as I had done previously with CIPO (Oleaginous Mechanics) after being threatened. This took place across canada: toronto, saskatoon, vancouver, etc. It was communicated to me to “shed-it” on several occasions. There were numerous attempts to steal my quantum intellectual property and discoveries. On another occasion, “no more discoveries on my watch” was communicated electronically via the illegally implanted radio in my body while living in toronto. I was threatened in vancouver to conduct business within/with canada or else I would continue to be targeted, tortured, and abused. After years of targeting and manipulation, I attempted to enter the United States to take my legitimate business (BASRC) and establish it in Manhattan. This resulted in more targeting in niagara falls. I was told via the illegally implanted radio in my body that “a higher port authority intervened” implying that the name “porter” was responsible for preventing me from entering the United States at that time. I was told that it appeared that I was immigrating to the United States by border security and they requested additional documentation. I stayed in niagra falls for two days until I could obtain the documentation. I presented the documentation requested at the border and I was turned away a second time. I was told to contact a US immigration lawyer (I did – Legacy Immigration). I have never had an issue entering the United States of America (now my country) and it was blatantly obvious throughout my attempts that I was prevented from entering/manipulated. After being turned away at the border, I moved to vancouver hoping to escape further targeting. I was threatened in vancouver to conduct business within/with canada or else I would continue to be targeted. On two occasions people were ready to fight me. I walked away on both occasions stating “Do you know what a man does in a situation like this? Walk away”. Just prior to leaving for Europe late last year to attempt to have the torturing, abuse, and targeting cease, I was approached by a man on the street outside of my building in Vancouver who threatened to kill me by suggesting that “maybe I would jump off a building”. My response was “just like you tough guys have done before” referring to the manipulation of my emotions via the illegal chip in my pituitary gland. His reaction was of someone who conceded that this was realty. I was tortured on the flight to the UK and unable to breath – requiring me to have oxygen. It was obvious that this was the manipulation of my body by the illegal implants in my body. Europe Trying to escape the abuse and targeting in canada I planned a trip to paris to attempt to conduct business with one component of my Corporation in france and in the hopes that I would no longer be targeted outside of canada. I had a delay in london on my way there and I decided to stay three days there. I was targeted, tortured, and abused in london where it was communicated to me that I was not welcome. When I arrived in paris, I was targeted again by strangers, threatened via computer, tortured and abused to the point where for most of my duration there I was bed-ridden. Finally, after years of abuse, I looked to switzerland as I knew that it was home of the Geneva Convention, the United Nations, and an Independent country. switzerland also possesses CERN which houses thousands of Physicists and who could validate my discoveries. I also arranged and conducted a meeting with Schindler in lucerne that revolved around a proposition of the sale of non-quantum related intellectual property that I possess. I desperately distributed an earlier version of this document (currant at that time) everywhere that I could. I distributed in hard-copy and in memory sticks. I sealed the paperwork and memory sticks in zip-lock bags and distributed them in sewers, rivers, every nook in buildings, mail boxes, stuffed into transit seats, the ferry, and everywhere that I could to ensure that the truth would eventually be revealed to the public and to save my life and ensure that my family and implicated families were no longer being targeted in canada. I distributed the information in the same manner throughout Europe in the same manner. I received one email in response that someone found in the river in geneva, and one phone call from someone in norway saying that they found a memory stick. I spent a month in geneva waiting for validation from the Physicists after distributing my Unification Publication to at CERN and for the completion/arraignment of further business discussions with Schindler. I spent another month in zurich after geneva waiting for the same. I was targeted, tortured, abused again in switzerland both in geneva and zurich but with less frequency than in canada (usually once a day I had a period of time: a few hours without abuse). None the less, I cannot escape the persecution and targeting by CSIS and the CIA. I sent the contents of this email to National News Media Organizations on March 15th. I have heard no response. I have since sent this information multiple times to various news organizations LINK, my US Senators, and everywhere that I can to have the torture and abuse end. I asked for safe-harbor and delivered the information attached in hard-copy physically to an US government official at the US Embassy in bern, switzerland on 17 March, and I was told by the US government official that I would be contacted. I fled through germany to norway and eventually to the netherlands. I was targeted throughout. I had contacted the embassy in bern after I was told via the illegal radio illegal implant to find a US embassy during a particularly abusive torture session in zurich. During the same session, I was told to head to norway as an alternative. My mother’s husband george odegard and his family are norwegian. Both my mother and he have betrayed me and are members of CSIS (communicated to me via illegally implanted radio in my body in toronto by george: “madisons children” and via phone “kings place” etc.). Mexico I then flew to Mexico to be geographically as close as possible to the United States of America waiting for their granting of safe-harbor (after hand delivering the truth to the embassy in bern switzerland). I originally spent one month in Playa del Carmen and I was targeted, tortured, and abused there. I distributed the memory sticks and hard-copies to people at the Studio that I stayed at there, on the beach, overboard the ferry between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel – and in Cozumel itself. I then went to Cancun for one week – where again – I was targeted and tortured and I distributed the hard-copies and memory sticks in the same manner. Desperately I tried to have the abuse and torture end while waiting for my United States of America to intervene. I presented myself at the US Consulate General in Merida Mexico on Monday 22 May. I was told that the Embassy in Mexico City is fully equipped, legitimately US home soil, and that it would be a better option. I then traveled to and presented myself at my US Embassy in Mexico City - again requesting safe-harbor and citizenship in the United States of America on Tuesday 23 May. I stated that I am afraid for my life and in need of American Medical attention. I stated that there was an ongoing FBI investigation and that the FBI, CIA, and that the US Government would know that I would be arriving (which was communicated to me via the illegal radio implants in my body). I had phoned the CIA and FBI on numerous occasions in Cancun and left messages and spoke briefly with FBI Personnel. The representative there told me that he had phoned the FBI on my behalf (I had asked him to) and that they had no idea who I was. I presented myself to my US Embassy for a second time in Mexico City. This time I spoke with a female from my US Intelligence Community. I was told that “they could not help me” there. I was devastated again, and constantly being tortured and abused by CSIS and the murdering thieving canadian government. I HAVE BEEN IN FEAR OF MY LIFE FOR YEARS AND I AM IN FEAR OF MY LIFE NOW BY CSIS AND THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. It was at that time that I made the decision to enter my United States of America to ensure that I would not be killed and that I would no longer be tortured and abused by CSIS and the CIA. After years of abuse and manipulation by the canadian government I knew that the farcical courts of canada and the canadian government would never stop abusing and torturing me and that my eventual death/murder would be imminent. I also knew that amongst the reasons why my United States of America is the greatest nation on earth is that it has a legitimate judicial system. I knew if I could that if I could get on home US soil that I would have asylum, safe-harbor from canada, justice, and the illegal implants removed from my body permanently. I made my way from mexico city north (Tampico/Reynosa) to the US border. I swam across the Rio Grande and entered my United States of America in fear of my life, seeking safe-harbor, asylum, and justice. I then hitch-hiked my way through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and eventually here to our nation’s capital: Washington DC. I arrived in Washington DC on 02 July. I am living by squatting in houses, in a tent, or in shelters. I do not have a fixed-address. I am prepared (and looking forward to) being a witness against these criminals and bringing them all to justice via legitimate democratic trials on home US soil with public access, media, public accountability, and all the components of democracy functioning. I have presented this document to the media (3000 emails – including our US Senators - and physically to the Washington Post) to ensure justice is accomplished after years of torture and abuse. This has been unsuccessful now and I am constantly being bombarded via the illegal implants in my body “to go home – implying canada” in an effort for my United States of America to avoid accepting responsibility of their actions (CIA, Illegal Implants, Botched Operation in Russia, Theft of my Intellectual property, prevention of the recognition and validation of my discoveries and Physics etc.) and in an effort for the murdering thieving canadian government and my US Government to cover this disgrace up. If I were sent to canada I would be tortured and abused indefinitely and likely eventually killed off. I AM NEVER RETURNING TO CANADA EVER AGAIN. I require safe-harbor, asylum, and citizenship in the United States of America. I require Medical Attention after years of torture and abuse by CSIS, the canadian government and the CIA. I require these illegal implants to be removed from my body permanently. I require Justice. I am in fear for my life. Further, my United States of America had communicated to me as far back as my time in vancouver that they would help my family me and provide the Asylum, Safe-harbor, US Citizenship, and Justice that my family and me desperately require. It was previously communicated to me via the illegally implanted radio in my body that it would take approximately 30 days to process the criminal cases/give sworn testimony to legitimate Law Enforcement (FBI HQ) in Washington DC prior to the scheduling/proceeding of the trials that will likely take place at the International Criminal Court in New York (although admittingly this point - the location has not been communicated to me). It was also communicated to me that beyond the current FBI investigation into this, that there was an independent investigation conducted concurrently by a private investigator(s). Either way the location of the trials (here in Washington DC or in New York) does not matter to me if they are on US soil, have Public Access, Public Accountability, and Media Presence. I am currently seeking the counsel of a lawyers with experience in law that exposes government organizations (CIA etc.) while processing my Asylum application. Intellectual Property CSIS/CIA and the Intelligence Community’s manipulation of my CIPO and other Patent Application for the Escalator Profit System (which I was negotiating with Schindler to sell in lucerne). I had submitted multiple Patents previously to CIPO in the same format without issue. As mentioned, while in switzerland, I believe that CSIS manipulated my submission (CIPO Letter attached). Continued manipulation of all aspects of my life including the sale and filing of my non-quantum intellectual property and quantum intellectual property. This continues to this very moment with the prevention of the sale and filing of both my quantum and non-quantum intellectual property (electronic manipulation – finances etc.). Those are the people who I sincerely believe are responsible for the attempts on my life: These people have identified themselves directly or indirectly via electronic communication and their mannerisms at various locations as members of CSIS and had entire full knowledge of the operation. X john brennan - (communicated that he hijacked my mapping plan and business -CIA murder operation in russia – and an association with lisa ward during hypnosis). X vance (was the CDS first name unknown to me) - responsible a culture of abuse, initiated the theft of my intellectual property, and communicated that he hijacked my plan with the CIA. X chris cyr – responsible for direct confrontation and a culture of unprecedented torture and abuse. X jim funk - responsible for direct confrontation and a culture of unprecedented torture and abuse. X barry eddy - responsible for direct confrontation and a culture of unprecedented torture and abuse. X sandford (was the OC of the advanced reconnaissance cell at the time of my tenure there - actual first name unknown to me)- responsible for direct confrontation and a culture of unprecedented torture and abuse. Those who I sincerely believe who knew about the attempts on my life and facilitated it or did nothing to prevent it: These people have identified themselves directly or indirectly via electronic communication and their mannerisms at various locations as members of CSIS. I suspect that these people had entire full knowledge of the operation or were involved with it in some capacity Gagetown X lisa ward X roger (last name unknown to me) – worked at the ALC learning center in the J7 building. X simon (last name unknown to me) – worked at the ALC learning center in the J7 building. X peter (last name unknown to me) - worked at the ALC learning center in the J7 building. X paul (last name unknown to me) - worked at the ALC learning center in the J7 building. X Barbara (last name unknown to me) - worked at the ALC learning center in the J7 building. Gagetown (continued I am not sure aware if they had any involvement in the operation but they contributed towards the culture of abuse and manipulation and I believe that they knew about the attempts on my life and facilitated it or did nothing) X CO’s driver (name completely unknown to me). X oberworth and his replacement (both were commandants of the infantry school – full names unknown to me). X hamilton (was the RSM of the infantry school – full name unknown to me). X berny (worked in the main office of the infantry school – full name unknown to me). X gagner (worked in standards – first name unknown to me). X jed lafleche (worked in conjunction with barry eddy). X pete kruger (OIC of the advanced recce cell – close relationship with sandford). X pete krugers father – a member of CSIS. Ottawa X karl hanna (repeatedly identified to me as the source of my targeting). He was repeatedly identified as a person responsible for the torture, abuse, theft of my intellectual property, and I believe attempts at my life. X taylor (identified to me as the source of my targeting on several occasions). X wright (responsible for the attempts at stealing my quantum intellectual property and business and repeatedly was identified to me as a source of my targeting and trying to manipulate my business – first name unknown to me – he was the COS in Edmonton while I was stationed there). He also would have known if not was responsible for the multiple attempts on my life from toronto onwards. X day (identified to me as the source of my targeting on several occasions – first name unknown to me – worked at GM Canada at the time – communicated to me via computer). X lancier (he gave a speech in Gagetown and his mannerisms implied that he knew about the operation – first name unknown to me). X rob clark (identified to me as the source of my targeting on several occasions). Those who I sincerely believe are responsible for the culture of abuse and manipulation (which led to attempted and actual murder). This includes everyone who “communicated” with me throughout my torture and abuse and identified themselves in one way or other as being responsible for it or the abuse of my family. Ottawa These people have identified themselves directly or indirectly via electronic communication and their mannerisms at various locations as members of CSIS. I suspect that these people had entire full knowledge of the operation or were involved with it in some capacity X mason stalker (communicated to me as the one responsible while I was being targeted in Montreal something to the effect of “I am responsible for 200,000 people and you are nothing”). X purnelle (implied while I was staying at a motel in north Toronto that he was responsible for the targeting – first name unknown to me). Two men crew who were suspiciously “checking my out” whom I believe were there to determine how to kill me at a later date. Toronto/Ottawa X wright (the same wright mentioned previously – Ottawa above). He was a constant fixture in my abuse across Canada and I believe directly responsible for attempting to steal my quantum intellectual property and business. X brunelle – omnipresent throughout – never an indication that he was responsible for my abuse he was communicated as “present”. Winnipeg/Shilo x Erin Bowes (alluded to the “Stockton Boys” which I took as people capable of murder). Vancouver These people have identified themselves directly or indirectly via electronic communication and their mannerisms at various locations as members of CSIS. X kitchen (communicated as responsible for targeting and abuse throughout – at one point communicating that “I am just doing what I am told”.). X rose (communicated as responsible for abuse on several occasions). X “shallow hal” was referenced while targeted in Vancouver on several occasions. X whoever/stranger made threats on my life prior to departing for Europe – mentioned previously Others at Risk / Worth Investigating. While I was in gagetown I spoke with a Soldier named Whelan (first name unknown to me – although we had gone through training some 17 years prior). He looked terrible, distressed, and helpless. We had a short conversation where he looked genuinely concerned and terrified. It was the same look and type of conversation that Cpl Donald Pike and I had briefly prior to his murder. Blake Ives. He was posted in ottawa. I have no information or even intuition about his death. I had not physically seen Blake since I was in my twenties. I briefly talked to him on the phone from barry eddy’s office prior to his death (Blake phoned eddy – eddy was not at his desk - which was beside mine at the time) and I answered the phone. Given the murdering of their own by the forces and CSIS, and multiple attempts on my life, and torture and abuse that the government of canada and the canadian armed forces has done in the past – it is worth investigating his death. I am not sure about the declared cause of his death but I knew that he had diabetes from serving with him in my early twenties. To put this accurately these people are truly: Murderers, Scumbags, and Common Thieves in every sense of each word. They have systematically targeted me. I am in fear or my life. I fear for my families lives after the targeting they have shown towards me and multiple attempts to kill me. I am a good honest man who has done absolutely nothing wrong. I accept zero responsibility for any of this. The responsibility is entirely that of the government of canada, CSIS, the canadian armed forces and their purported leadership, and the CIA. I am confident with a thorough investigation this will lead to numerous prosecutions and I believe may be the “tip of the iceberg” with regard to criminality within CSIS, the forces, and our nations CIA. I am asking for legitimate democratic world leaders who possess the moral courage and democratic ethics, values, and ethos to protect my family and me. I am asking for these people to be held accountable so that my family and me can begin living our lives again without fear of abuse, torture, or being killed off – Asylum, safe-harbor, and citizenship within our United States of America. The only thing that I want is my family and I to be safe in a true democracy (The United States of America) and to be free of abuse and manipulation, justice to be administered by an external legitimate democratic unbiased judicial body, and to succeed based on my own merit/discoveries/ intellectual property. These are all standard components of true democracy, and after the amount of times that I have put my life on the line for democracy, my family and I are going to live in one with your help. These people have done this for their greed and control driven by their jealousy. My intellectual property is worth trillions and this was the original (and one of the ongoing reasons) for the targeting of my family and me. The targeting of me persists now. December 03rd 2017. I have been in Washington DC since July 02nd 2017. I was promised explicitly the following upon my arrival: a. Providing a residence at the Trump Hotel as promised; b. Sworn Testimony will be provided to the FBI as promised; c. The removal of these implants from my body, the repair of the remainder my body after years of torture and abuse waiting to be killed off with multiple attempts at my life; d. The upholding of all my US Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties as promised; e. An attorney provided to me to recover the intellectual property and monies derived from it, that has been stolen from me, the filing and sale of my intellectual property without meddling, credit and recognition for my discoveries, science, and physics that has been prevented and exploited by my US government and governments the world over. Due process; equal justice under law. f. The prosecution of these criminals (CIA and otherwise) via democratic trials, top to bottom without scapegoat or biases, public access, public accountability, and media throughout the trials; all components of democracy functioning! g. Details on who has been dismissed and reprimanded within the FBI for their incompetence; and h. Prompt trials and justice so that my family and me can live our lives after years of them have been stolen as proud US Citizens, with full US Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties, the removal of ever implants from our bodies permanently – as promised and as baked into our Constitution. None of this has transpired and I have engaged every legitimate faucet of Democracy relentlessly. I am still being tortured and abused every day after years of it. This murdering organized intelligence community is continuing to try and coerce me – suggesting that I was part of their world (which I never was, nor ever will be). This disgraced murdering intelligence community is trying to suggest that I “take a leave of absence” etc. and other attempts to cover up this murdering racket and murdering regime to the public and to control my body, life, and business. Since my arrival, while being tortured and abused I threatened and have instilled to my captures (via these illegal implants) that I would not conduct business with our U.S. Government unless these implants were removed indefinitely (as promised) and Justice Transpired. They have not listened and continue to torture, abuse, and attempt to coerce. They only care about not being held accountable to the public, stealing, and controlling my money (Trillions), and controlling my body and business. I have since states clearly and repeatedly that unless My family and me are free of implants with full U.S. Citizenships, and Justice and Democracy are functioning I will incrementally outsource components of my business – when Justice, Democracy, and Good prevails. This begins on the 07th of December 2017 with one component of my business outsourced, and incrementally weekly after that (14th, 21st, etc.). THIS IS BLACKMAIL AND COERCION!!! The difference between me and these people – I am not a criminal!!! This is my Body and Life, these are my U.S. Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties – No one was ever entitled to them. These are my Discoveries, my Physics, my Science, My Intellectual Property (Trillions), My Business - No one was ever entitled to them. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANY OF THE ABOVE NOW OR EVER. This is the truth. Can you imagine if this was you and your family? Protect my family and me – distribute this as everywhere that you can! My name is Benjamin Allen Sullivan, I was born in Medley Cold Lake Canada on 11 November 1979. Website: WWW.BASRC.Biz My business email is: CEO@BASRC.Biz Help my family and me! I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States the foregoing is true and correct. _______________________________ _______________________________ Benjamin Allen Sullivan Dated Botched CIA Murdering Operation in Russia:

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