Time to reflect on spirituality

Time to reflect on spirituality

By MAULANA WAHIDUD... | 13 January, 2018

What is spirituality? Being spiritual means to live a God-oriented life.

The spiritually inclined elevate themselves in their thinking, and begin to live on a higher divine plane—they remain undisturbed in the face of provocation, their mental balance is not upset by unpleasant experiences, and the trying behaviour of someone else does not arouse any feelings of anger in them. Living strictly by their principles, the mental level of spiritual people becomes so high that stones cast by others cannot reach them. In spirituality, they find such sublimity that all else pales into insignificance.

True spirituality is based on contemplation and reflection. The Monk, in the well-known book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, discovers what he believes to be the key to spirituality only after abandoning his material life entirely.

We have been given the ability to think and to reason, which is our greatest faculty. It is the possession of this faculty and our independent thinking, which distinguishes us from all other creatures. Real spirituality is that which is achieved by our minds. This is called contemplative spirituality.

True spirituality is the result of giving serious thought to such questions as, “who am I?”, “what is the purpose of my life?” and “what happens when I die?” There are many questions, but all the answers lie in a rational understanding of the creation plan of God. By looking for rational answers to such questions, we can achieve spirituality at the intellectual level.

When people discover the truth and learn of the plan of the Creator, their lives enter a new phase, that of building their personalities according to spiritual principles. It is such a personality that will be held deserving of being settled in the noble society of heaven in the Hereafter.



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We don’t want to get rid of reason and should be grateful for it, but be familiar with its limitations because the mind is finite and infinity is beyond it, reason can’t prove it, but we can feel it. Our mind can’t grasp all the finite things in the world much less the supernatural things beyond the world so we have religion and stories about these things, but spirituality is about having the experience. Wisdom comes when we know when to doubt, when to be convinced, confident and when to accept, be open and go with the flow. Spiritual wisdom comes from children and people of all ages, but we need to test it in the light of reason and experience because if it is only intellectual there is no spirit and if it is against reason our religion is ridiculous. Saint Basil said, “As it is impossible to verbally describe the sweetness of honey to one who has never tasted honey, so the goodness of God cannot be clearly communicated by way of teaching if we ourselves are not able to penetrate into the goodness of the Lord by our own experience.” St. Basil faced the same problems we Christians have today in standing up for the poor, harmonizing peace when he was misunderstood, misrepresented, accused of heresy. We are pure consciousness that has awakened to a human form and when we reawaken to our spiritual entity we will know why and what we came to earth for.

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