Talk show specifically for British Asians

Talk show specifically for British Asians

By Antonia Filmer | 14 November, 2015
Lyca Dilse Radio is a 24 hour station, mostly talk with some music. The prime time morning slot belongs to presenter Deep Rajah, a radio name given to him when he joined Sunrise Radio, as his own name, Deep Dhir, was not considered ‘powerful’ enough, he is happy it stuck. Asians sometimes feel intimidated to call LBC radio because of their accent and the lack of topics aimed specifically at the Asian community, but they are confident Rajah will give them a good debate. He enjoys the inflammatory, promotes his idea of factual discussion and challenges divisive opinions, which may be cut off air or changed at a moment’s notice if management gives him the nod, which happened last week during a topic about PM Narendra Modi’s visit.
Deep Rajah.His career path has not been an easy, born into a medical family in Delhi he moved to UK at 1 year old. In what seems to be a complete waste of an excellent education, as an undergraduate he read Politics and Law at SOAS University then a Masters in Legal and Political Theory at University College London, he began his career as a recruitment agent; Rajah explains in those days (1990’s) he had no idea how to break into politics, no career advice existed then and he experienced a lot of bad luck.
Moving into corporate hospitality he learnt to take the pressure of a job with big responsibilities, securing Ian Duncan Smith MP amongst others as a speaker for his hotel chain; a blind alley led to California working for a tin-pot travel agency which he quickly transformed into a recognised agency with Hollywood star clients. Returning to UK, as the lobbyist for the Roko Cancer Charitable Trust, he was employed to put the Trust on the map. This gave Rajah the entrée into Westminster he had longed for and he connected with Dominic Grieve QC and Cherie Blair. “Greaves” as it is incorrectly spelt on the Roko website, is still listed as a “champion” of the charity that funds the identification of breast, cervical and oral cancers in India, also listed as “Champion Extraordinaire” is Baroness Sandip Verma, the Indian diaspora’s unofficial business champion and Under Secretary of State at the Department for International Development. Regrettably a disagreement with the management about the future direction of ROKO led to his resignation.

At a reception at No 10 Downing Street this week Rajah collared David Cameron, who was rushing to an early Diwali celebration, about another appearance on Dilse to promote Zac Goldsmith as next London Mayor. 

In 2013 answering an advertisement for a radio presenter he joined Avtar Lit’s Sunrise, both Lit and Sunrise have enjoyed mixed fortunes but Sunrise is recognized as the first station designed specifically for the Asian demographic. Rajah moved to Dilse, also part of the Lyca Media Group, to allow his audience speak from the “Heart”, it seems the Asian Community feel their voices are not heard except when they are useful. His audience is made up of 30% Pakistani, 40%Indian and the rest mostly Bengali, Sikh and Sri Lankan, calls even come from Norway and the US while tweets are global. Raja attracts VIP guests, he has interviewed Prime Minister David Cameron about how the Conservatives have successfully integrated the Asian Community into their fold, recently Keith Vaz MP warned about the dangers of diabetes and his concern over the Asian community’s unhelpful diet and lack of exercise. 
At a reception at No 10 Downing Street this week Rajah collared David Cameron, who was rushing to an early Diwali celebration, about another appearance on Dilse to promote Zac Goldsmith as the next London Mayor. Rajah shared with some  of the select media gathering that Lyca Media Group are heavily involved with UkWelcomesModi but Rajah will not be at Wembley, preferring  to stay loyal and committed to his listeners. Instead his talk show will give a platform for discussion the following week. 

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