Love of God ends the hate inside us

Love of God ends the hate inside us

By REV. DR. RICHAR... | 5 December, 2015

How shall we satisfy our thirst for justice and calm our passion for revenge so as to practice forgiveness?  The very idea of forgiveness implies an affirmation of justice. The Lord’s Prayer makes this plain. When we pray, “forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors’ (Matthew 6:12), we imply that we owe God something and that other people owe us something. What we owe and what is owed to us can be established only by applying the principle of justice.
But if we desire justice, then why should we practice forgiveness? Because strict restorative justice can never be satisfied!  Since “no deed can be annihilated,” as Nietzsche said, and within the framework of justice, guilt is eternal and therefore, concludes Nietzsche, “all punishment, too, must be eternal.”  In the framework of restorative justice, no reconciliation is possible for it will not set things right for the tormented.
A family that has lost its husband/father/children, to unjust violence, feels a void. The desire for revenge is not just an irrational passion of a sick or maladjusted psyche; it flows from the need to restore something missing, a sense of physical and emotional integrity that is shattered by violence.
How then do we satisfy our thirst for justice and calm our passion for revenge so as to practice forgiveness?
For the followers of crucified Christ we bring our rage before God. We place before God in prayer both our unjust enemy and our own vengeful self face to face with a God who loves and does justice. In the light of the justice and love of God revealed in the crucified God, hate recedes and the seed is planted for the miracle of forgiveness.
This in turn will make the search for justice for all possible.

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When Pope John Paul 23 visited Guatemala, he kissed the ground on his descent from the plane and later before a crowd he had the gall to ask the Indigenous Peoples to forgive those who had oppressed them, with the recommendation that they should turn the right cheek for all the slaps they had received on their left cheek. during the five centuries of violence, conquest, impoverishment, humiliations heaped upon them by the combine power of the Church, the Military and the Latifundistas. The Pope, Vicar of Jesus Christ, did not ask the Trio of Priest-Soldier-Landlord to stop striking on the left cheek. Nor did the Pope ask or appeal to the Holy Trio to provide reparations for all the injustices committed in the name of Christ, with Christian piety. One needs to read Will Durant ́s book On India to have a quick, but accurate measure of the inhumane impoverishment of the Indians by British Christian power. The indians quietly forgave the Brits on becoming an independent nation. But no one, even among the London Missionary Society, suggested that Great Britain, with the Queen as the Defender of the Faith, suggested to provide - not donations - but at least a few investments to revive the industries the Raj had destroyed for glory and profit. The ethics sof forgiveness can give rise to a lot of cynicism and injustice, by placing the onus of forgiving on the victim, as on the Quecha people of Guatemala, and on the Indian whose average longevity after 2 centuries of Cristian power was only 26 years. Furthermore, is it not strange that no one in the Judeo-Christian West has noticed than Gandhian India quietly, without blowing any trumpet, did so simply, so naturally forgive the demonic impact of CHRISTianity,

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