God dwells within us at all times

God dwells within us at all times

By DAVINDER P.S. SANDHU | 30 January, 2016

As our life progresses, we perceive the temporary and virtual world as permanent and real. We give ourselves a name, and get attached to our body. Dress, food, cosmetics, and a quest for luxury becomes the driving force.  Of course, the scriptures do hold the body as important, and sacred, for it is the tool of redemption. Even angels seek it:
Serving the Guru, the earnings of devotion are gathered,
Then, this human body is obtained.
Even the angels long for this human body.
So use your body, to serve the Lord.

In our busy lives, when we get a little time to see ourselves in retrospect, the niggling question may surface – where is this God? The devotee begins a search, and in the company of the Holy, he is guided not to search for Him in the caves and jungles, but within himself:
Within the home of your own inner being,
you shall obtain the Mansion of the Lord’s Presence with intuitive ease.

Our inner mansion, fit for God, is built with bricks of selfless service. It is held together with the mortar of charity that is performed with humility, firm in the knowledge that both giver and taker are His children. The abiding light placed in this inner home is His name. For erecting this spiritual mansion within, our outer body is the scaffolding. But it would be an unwise craftsman who only builds the scaffolding, or gives it more attention than the main building itself. Our body-scaffold will surely fall and dismantle one day, and the real inner abode that we have built during our lifetime shall now stand eternal:
Those who are linked by the True One are linked to Truth. They always act in Truth.
They attain their dwelling in the home of their own inner being, and they abide in the Mansion of Truth.

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