An open and shut case of sedition in JNU

An open and shut case of sedition in JNU

By C. RAJASHEKHAR | 13 February, 2016
At the said event, slogans demanding the secession of Kashmir and the destruction of India were openly raised.
With JNUSU president Kanahaiya Kumar being arrested by the Delhi police on charges of sedition, many leftist intellectuals, political leaders and journalists have opposed the arrest and condemned the BJP government for doing so. But what has triggered the arrest of the AISF student leader?
On 9 February, JNU witnessed an event that could not have probably taken place on any of the university campuses of the country. A function was held to mark the “martyrdom” of 2001 Parliament attack convict, Afzal Guru, who was convicted by the Supreme Court of India and hanged to death. At the said event, for which recordings and evidence are available, slogans demanding the secession of Kashmir and the destruction of India were openly raised. Naturally, the event snowballed into a major controversy. BJP MP Maheish Girri complained about the event and the police registered an FIR under Sections 124A and 120B of the IPC and arrested the JNUSU president.
Clearly, three issues or questions come to one’s attention immediately.
The left has no moral right to talk of free speech. After all, Lenin had said “all truth is partisan”, which has since then led the leftists to demagogy and false propaganda. JNU comrades have always believed in stuffing their “truths” on all. 
One, is it right, morally and legally, to celebrate or commemorate the “martyrdom” of someone found guilty of terrorism by the highest court of the land? By the same logic, it is possible that JNU could see the “birthday” celebrations of known anti-India terrorists Dawood Ibrahim and Hafiz Saeed in the future. Can the state then be a mute spectator and allow the open veneration of such anti-nationals?
Two, the event also witnessed loud and open slogans supporting the secession of Kashmir from India. To be fair, the slogan shouters and rabble rousers demanding Kashmir’s “independence” are not pioneers in this regard. JNU has been open house to Kashmir secessionists in the past too. Can we allow open threats to India’s unity and integrity to go unchallenged right in India’s capital city? Could the Narendra Modi government have been a silent spectator to India’s position becoming precarious in Jammu and Kashmir?
Three, the worst and most dangerous of all was the raising of slogans to the effect that “one would not stop till the destruction of India”. It may have been possible to skirt the incident had the frustrated and disgruntled communists raised slogans of, say, “destruction of RSS or BJP or the BJP-led NDA government” or even their hated bugbear Narendra Modi, but “destroying India” is a very serious matter. In fact, JNU has been a systematic training and breeding ground for the propagation of insidious ideas like that India has done a jugaad of “multinational” entities and “cobbled” up a nation, etc. Clearly then, the most important question is : Could the Home Ministry have kept silent at the open declaration of war against India and its people as the crowds were hell bent on “jang karein gay Bharat ki barbadi tak”?
In a nutshell, the issue is not one of free speech and expression. The issue is can the state sit back and watch silently at threats aiming at the “destruction of India”? And in any case, the left has no moral right to talk of free speech. After all, Lenin had said “all truth is partisan”, which has since then led the leftists to demagogy and false propaganda. 
And the JNU comrades have always believed in stuffing their “truths” on all. A recent case in point is when the Marxists objected to the Sanskrit centre in JNU inviting Baba Ramdev for a purely academic programme.

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When Communism as an ideology is practically non existent in Europe and has become a huge bluff in the Chinese savage capitalism - for it is not even a social capitalism - why and how do the proponents of a fossilized communism can succeed in creating such a hullaballoo? The reason must be the porous nature of the fabric of the Indian polity? There must be something in the academic environment for the duration of an ideology so little representative of any of the strain in the history of India. The socialism of men like Dadabhai Naoroji and MS Ray has nothing to do with the loudness of those who make such big noises in the name of one knows what.

What are we talking about here? We must be talking about why Congress Party and its VP are coming in support of anti nationals. Leftist ideology has been to clear to all the world all this while. Communists have been loyal to their ideology more than to India as a nation. But the leaders of Congress take pride in informing us that they were freedom fighters. For them to come out in support of separatists nothing less than hypocrisy.

It is unfortunate to hear that a select group of students shouted anti-national slogans in JNU Campus!! It should not have happened in the first place. The question is then what is the role of the University in this regard? Why Universiry administration did not take due process to find the truth and take action against those found guilty? The total submission of situation into the hands of delhi police administration was unwarranted. Why JNU as an academic institution has become the battle ground of politics of nationalism in this case? It is just because it is located in the National Capital?? There are numerous universities across the countries where on a daily basis anti national activities get political protection. Hostels of some of the universities have become abode of miscreants and political party's goons. That's not my point. The point is why the situation is getting out of proportion where this seat of learning is getting destabilized. There are larger contribution of JNU students, teachers and alumni in the society that is being undermined at the moment. If they have done dharna at Rajpath, shouted slogans against Nirbhaya's culprits, and in many cases provided constructive support to nation building. Why are they (all) called anti national in the name of few who showed disrespect to the rule of law?? Why this hysteric approach in handling this situation by Delhi police and national government. I am not justifying the act of few who protested against India's national integration. But I would cite a recent incident in J&K. The bar association of J&K has issues a resolution that they boycott proceedings of the high court for two days i. e during 9-11 February 2016 in support of Afjal Guru and others. I quote this incidence from a social medial circulation of this resolution on a what's up group. Why there is not actions against those yet, while JNU students are made to suffer due to heavy deployment of police and anticipated boycotting of the classes by the students. At the end I would suggest that if any of part of your body does not respond to the instructions by your brain, that does not mean that you kill yourself. Do not kill JNU at the most clean it if you want.

All the people who indulged in anti national avtivities at JNU,including their friends in left parties should be treated the way the Republic of CHINA treats when they face such a situation.We all still remember the TIANANMEN SQUARE.

I have gone through the article of Sh.Rajasekhar ji. You have compiled the events logically and well articulated contents. It is commendable and highly appreciable. My best wishes.

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