A coup by another name

A coup by another name

By THE SUNDAY GUARDIAN | 27 February, 2016

It has been nearly two years that Narendra Modi has swept to victory, and it was a sweep, with a large swathe of people voting for the current government in the hope that he would be able to untie the Gordian knot of poor administration which prevents effective delivery of governance to the grassroots. The Prime Minister has the mandate, of a scale not seen in the last three decades. He has also the capability. In any evolved democracy, those opposed to the head of a government would have respected the mandate and allowed him/her ample room to function, while opposing moves and decisions it thinks are not in the interest of the country—and even suggesting corrective action. But, even after 21 months, the ecosystem generated and nurtured by previous governments—comprising political parties, opinion makers, ideologues of different shades, non transparent non-governmental organisations, corrupt bureaucrats and plain opportunists—is yet to come to terms with that victory. Such is the hatred that these sections have for the Prime Minister, whose arrival has destroyed the Lutyens’ status quo to a large extent, that they would rather cripple the country and turn a blind eye to anti India forces than let Narendra Modi function. It is not just in Parliament, but an obvious attempt is also being made to paralyse governance by using the street. As this newspaper has been reporting consistently, this effort will intensify, with at least one of this country’s neighbours making use of the cacophony that has come to dominate the public space to foment trouble and destroy the Indian growth story through unending turmoil, the way it has happened in Bangladesh. In that country, a belligerent opposition has derailed growth through street violence over a period of 15 years, an abyss from where it’s finding it difficult to emerge. Democratic forces need to be alert about sabotage and infiltration of their “movements” by interests inimical to the country. They need to realise that they will do immense disservice to the people if they hijack the narrative and divert attention from the real issues by creating a farrago of noise in their bid to show the government as losing control. At the same time, while the lunatic fringe of the right is not helping the government by talking, even though much less now than earlier, mention must also be made of the unending “illiberalism” of the so-called liberals. It is sad that sheer malevolence towards the PM seems to be the dominant sentiment in the “liberal” space. This is attracting an equally noxious response from the opposite end of the spectrum. The venom that has infected the political and intellectual space is having an adverse effect on society in general, as obvious from the toxic “debates” on several social media and media platforms. This virulence is a symptom of the malignance within. Divisions are becoming more pronounced and positions are hardening on both sides of the divide, in almost all spheres of life. India cannot afford a second partition, this time of the heart and the mind. The country needs truce and that should come foremost at the level of the government and the opposition. While the government must refine its strategy and be more agile in handling the opposition, the latter too cannot possibly hold the nation hostage for three more years. Any attempt to derail governance can only be described as a coup by another name.

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A very sensible article dissecting the present prevailing malice in the country. Efforts should be made by both the opposition & government to end this impasse , in the interest of the country. End the confrontation, but those who are corrupt & ransacked the country must be punished. Those who are intriguing against the integrity & suzerainty of the country must be brought to books & exposed & judiciary should take an unbiased view.

Very Sensible,un biased & well researched article.This must be an alarm bell to those liberals-who really care about the growth of India unlike to those extreme left fringe elements.

So true unfortunately. So immense is the envy for Modi that anyone and anything against him is supported. This by the opposition, left and Congress and the pseudo intelligenstia.

The truce can happen either if Mr Modi make sure that all corrupt politicians scammed and shamed are behind bars or shake hand with the worst in opposition to move forward. Good luck to Mr Modi.

preaching exactly the opposite of Nalapat says

It is also the responsibility of the general public, also known as the voter, the electorate, to put pressure on their elected representative, and make it known that they want the country to function without dangerous roadblocks

Well BJP should have a quick introspective session what went wrong that gave rise to the coup . If we use the analogy of underlying problem as used by Vajpayee why it happened then possibly BJP would be answerable .

It is also the responsibility of the general public, also known as the voter, the electorate, to put pressure on their elected representative, and make it known that they want the country to function without dangerous roadblocks

Very good article, People can see and the mandate given to MODI govt is for development but also clean this coterie. There is a lot of anger the way this selected group has made mockery of the democracy and further their self interest. It will be a big win for MODI govt to uproot these thugs. It will be a uphill battle at every front, but people support will strengthen as the govt weed them out

True. The last 2deacdes have seen greater decadence in social values.

True. The last 2deacdes have seen greater decadence in social values.

Rogue Journalists are clutching at straws to defame this government in the garb of FoE. They need to be defeated.

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It is an interesting article every Indian should read and understand the points made there it is by no means a big achievement by this Narendra Modi BJP Govt who had inherited the Govt from the UPA who ruled this country for the last Ten Years. The Ten years of UPA rule was marred by corruption at the highest level with no economic growth worth its name, all the sundry extremist were allowed to flourish all over the country without any check which reflects today, what we see is the continuation of that chaotic rule of the UPA . The opposition is using educational institutions to ignite violence using the students who are brainwashed by these selfish opposition leaders who are now sidelined thus frustration has forced them to stoop to any level to divert attention of the citizen of this country to come back to limelight the media is hand in glove with these leaders instead of exposing their sinister motives they are joining forces with these elements to cover up their own misdeeds for which they are all need these very opposition leaders. We Indians should stand up for and put an end to such act from these forces trying to destabilize our nation.

If this eloquently written article does not open the eyes of the powers that be in India, nothing will...

Govts strategies are not seen in the right perspctive This is because the peoples representatives are unable to understand nation's development programs They look for their personal gains who is questioning them? This is the case with the buraucrats Successive govts have failed to look back for not achieving results corruption is the main cause stringent punishments are not thereamazing resuls?XA Howcome other smaller countries have shown I

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