Do something life-giving

Do something life-giving

By REV. DR. RICHAR... | 2 April, 2016

Easter Sunday marks a celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This event is central to the faith of Jesus’ followers. However, have you ever considered that Easter may be more than just a day? Have you thought of Easter also as a verb? If you apply Easter as a verb, resurrection becomes a spiritual practice in daily life.

As a result of Easter we enjoy union with Christ. In this life giving relationship, our identity is grounded in Jesus’ resurrection and we daily live in this truth. As our faith in Jesus becomes fervent, He renews our heart (Rom 10:9). This renewal of our heart, occurs due to the indwelling Spirit of Jesus (Gal 4:6). The Spirit also pours out the love of God into our hearts (Rom 5:5).

While here on earth, Jesus demonstrated His love through action. In the Bible we read about the time when Jesus, moved with compassion for the widow from Nain who had lost her son, raised him from the dead (Luke 7:11-17). We may never live to speak about bringing a dead person to life the way Jesus did. Yet, if we are willing to interrupt our daily routine, no matter how important it may seem, and reach out to others in compassion, we truly demonstrate our identity as people of resurrection and hope. We must be people ready to defy death, to forgive, to bring others back into the community, to do something life-giving.

Every time you bring hope and joy into a situation clouded with despair, each time you lend a listening ear and build bridges of understanding, whenever you boldly confront injustice, you are living resurrection hope.

The resurrection of Christ affirms that this world is not rubbish to be carelessly tossed away in the future. The incarnate redeemed this world and redeemed us. Therefore, let our actions, everyday, promote life. Do something life giving.

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Throughout the gospels Jesus never said that he would be resurrected. The myth of the resurrection is a deviation of his eaching which became central to Orthodoxy thanks to St Paul who, in his epistles, never refers to the living Jesus, but only to the post-mortem Jesus, represented as a cadaver on the cross behind the altar facing the congregation in a church. I have always wondered why Christians have committed so many genocides, inflicted so much suffering on slaves, on colonials, for so many centuries, without any feeling of remorse, or of attrition, or of ever thinking of the need for some restitution. Can it be due to the collective worship of a cadaver, and consequently, the collective insensitivity to death, due to the habit of contemplating a dead body, that Christians could feel so self-assured in their indifference to the sufferings they inflict on weaker peoples? St Paul succeeded in reducing the mystical teaching symbolised by the Kingdom, into a simple, banal moral order, which became subsequently state religion, with the conversion of Constantine. It was an enormous loss to the West and to Humanity when the Church succeeded in stamping out the Gnostics, and their advocacy of Mysticism as the authentic spirituality initiated by Jesus, as heretics. St Paul further emphasized the disenchantment of the world proclaimed by the Book of Genesis. It is in a disenchanted world that so many genocides could be perpetrated, while the chance of an enchantment by the Word becoming Flesh in the world, in history, was calamitously cancelled by St Paul using his strong personality to raise the collective hallucination of the living Jesus, on the 3rd day, - he is described differently by the so-called witnesses - who leaves the imperfect, dirty, sinful, world to ascend to a region where there is - supposedly - no sinful impurities. And the Christians have had the gall for centuries to humiliate, insult, conquer and crush, those cultures which enchant the universe and see spiritual presences in trees, animals, forests, rivers, mountains - as uncivilised superstitions. Just as Jesus in accepting his suffering and his sacrifice proved that all the Others were wrong, so do the Oriental cultures, the cultures of the native First Nations, today prove , by their subjugation, that Pauline Christians have been wrong for two thousand years with their belief in a death supporting disenchanting of the world by all the prophets from Abraham to Muhammad..

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