Faith comes from within us

Faith comes from within us

By MAULANA WAHIDUD... | 30 April, 2016
Faith is the discovery of that limitless reality—God. In space and time He is never-ending, so that discovering him is likewise a never-ending, ongoing event. That is the bedrock of true religion. 
A well-known scientist once reflected that if a day came and went without his having discovered anything new in nature, he felt that that day had been wasted, for, as he said, “Observing nature is my religion.” If this is the feeling of one who is absorbed in God’s creation, how can one who is absorbed in the Creator Himself feel any different? 
Just as the scientist discovers something new in the world of creation every day, so a believer should always be making fresh discoveries about his Creator—discoveries which should strengthen him in his faith. 
If one’s thoughts are constantly centred on God, one will repeatedly come upon new and greater aspects of His glory. Different facets of His attributes will appear time and time again, bathed in an eternal, divine light. Just as God’s attributes are infinite, so is the believer’s search for knowledge of God unending. 
Satisfaction of this quest for knowledge takes many forms. Sometimes it expresses itself in words of praise for the Almighty never before conceived of. Sometimes some aspect of God’s wisdom—hitherto unrevealed—becomes as clear as crystal. Sometimes one simply feels unusually close to God. And sometimes one suddenly feels capable of plumbing the depths of profound truths of life. 
If discovery of God is a never-ending event, the converse is also true. Faith that does not grow is no faith at all. It is an expression rather of religious neglect—neglect of Almighty God, our Creator and Sustainer.

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When one does the arithmetic of more than a billion Believers, the millions who go on Hajj, and the five billions prayers every day to Aallah, one cannot help asking why there is so much murderousness, violence, hate, not only within the World Umma, but against the many host societies to which Muslims appeal for security and for the safety of practising their intolerance. Since the XI century when the Hanbalites established their authority against the use and application of Reason in the study and examination of the Revelation, Faith has succeeded till today to block the development of a rational and intelligent interpretation, corresponding to the changing times, of a really man-made set of "revealed" laws. How is it that despite so much violence, so much mayhem, Muslims remain frozen in the fixity of an unchanging revelation riddled with so many injunctions to murderous hatred as a sacred duty? How can Faith remain unperturbed in the midst of so much destruction of human achievemensts, of so much culture, all of this to the accompaniment of an unending genocide, when the Faith itself is the source of so much inhumanity? Without the least semblance of an effort applied to some reasoning in the examination of the possibility of Faith itself being the direct cause, special to Islam, of so much grief and sorrow?

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