Empathy is the need of the hour

Empathy is the need of the hour

By MAULANA WAHIDUD... | 14 May, 2016

For over a hundred years now, Muslims have been beseeching God to bring down destruction upon their oppressors.

This is rather like sending for the fire brigade and then asking them to fan the flames rather than pour water on them.

They will not comply with such a request, for the request does not fit the situation. Similarly, God ignores entreaties to annihilate Muslim oppressors, for while He is always disposed to listen to prayers for assistance and to give His divine succour where it is merited.

He is not prepared to give help where it involves the ruination of others. Such a prayer does not fit the situation.

The only aspirations which are of value in His eyes are those which are pious in intention.

A man may aspire to God’s favour, but he may not aspire to the destruction of his enemies: God will turn a deaf ear to prayers which are all about sending enemies to hell, with no mention of their salvation.

He will listen to people’s prayers only if, on behalf of their adversaries, they seek divine guidance.

People all too frequently invoke divine wrath upon others.

If they were just to stop and think for a moment that they themselves could easily become the objects of that wrath, they would soon give up consigning their enemies to hellfire and damnation.

If they truly feared God themselves, they would realize that the only ones to escape God’s punishment on Day of Judgement would be those who have sought to rescue others from that fate.

A little introspection on this subject would indeed be very welcome and also serve in doing them a world of good.

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Throughout their history Muslims have not only annihilated their oppressors, but they have gone out of their way to annihilate peaceful societies who did not cause then the least harm. Even the learned Ulema today, with and despite so much information being available, refuse to own the wanton destruction of so many peaceful cultures. To put it simply in a few words, the world, Maulana Wahiuddin, would be a better and more beautiful place today without Islam. For it would be world adorned with a wealth of great art, together with peacefulness, with the existence of the cultures of Byzantium, the Christianities of the Arabs and of the North Africans, of the Zoroastrians of Persia, of the Buddhisms of Indonesia, of India, of Afghanistan, of the whole of Central Asia - all of which have been obliterated by Islam which has put nothing in the vacuums which it generated by its destructive power. Just see how in 12 centuries the Muslims destroyed so much of the Indian civilisation and till today they have not produced a single great book, not a single great monument (Taj Mahal is not a monument, it is a mausoleum, it is a memorial to eros and thanatos, without a soul elevating symbolism ). It all comes down from the revealed scriptural pronouncement of the abomination which divides Humanity into Believers and Kaffirs and from the dozens of Quranic injunctions for the violent ill-treatment of the Infidels. As a Kaffir I am willing to go to hell on account of my evil Karma, but not merely because the Holy Book says it as a result of my birth. In the 1930s Maulana Mohammad Ali said that the worst Musalman was better than Mahatma Gandhi. Today with the Sharia as law for the Indian Muslim, within the Constitution, who are the Muslims, who among the Ulema, would today disagree with the pronouncement of Maulana Muhammad Ali?

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