Reach out to suffering humanity

Reach out to suffering humanity

By REV. DR. RICHAR... | 14 May, 2016

Our attempt at living a moral life, in an imitation of Christ, is empowered by God. He pours love into our hearts, enabling us to reach out to others in mercy and compassion and bring healing to the suffering people experience world over.

Living in love is essential for the practice of righteousness and justice in daily living. Love inspires the application of wisdom to contribute to the welfare of all living beings. If we uphold the union of holiness and justice, local and global communities can move toward lasting peace and the violation of human rights and human dignity will cease. The essence of love and compassion will be accomplished as we recognize the physical, material, social, psychological and spiritual suffering of others, and act to bring healing.

Jesus reached out to the suffering humanity as He healed the sick, touched and cleansed those suffering from leprosy, fed the hungry, opened the eyes of the blind and ears of deaf, and raised the dead. As we imitate Christ, we must not avoid contact with suffering and pretend like it does not exist. Rather, in empathy, we must establish personal contact and share the unconditional and non-judgmental love of Christ which he has given us. Mother Teresa too cared for the dying destitute because they are created in the image and likeness of God. She said, “all works of love are works of peace.”

We must shine like light as Jesus commanded us, revealing the dark night of evil, torment, cruelty and suffering. And into this darkness we must bring Christ’s love, a readiness to forgive, love and compassion. Surely, situations will be transformed through Christ’s power as hope replaces despair. A new situation of reconciliation will prevail when enemies become friends again. Let us be Jesus’ hands, reaching out to suffering humanity in love and compassion.


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