Shatter the walls of exclusion

Shatter the walls of exclusion

By REV. DR. RICHAR... | 4 June, 2016
The Taj Mahal, renowned as one of the wonders of the world, is a majestic creation designed by brilliant architects. Yet, it pales in comparison to the beauty of God’s creation, knit together with understanding and love. An awareness of this incomparable beauty prompted king David to praise God for the “great wonder” of creation (Ps. 136:4-9).
God created all human beings, both male and female, in His image and likeness (Gen. 1:27). But inequality and discrimination are practiced all around us. People continue to be graded according to various levels of purity and pollution. Such attitudes, some of which find religious sanctions, create walls of exclusion and destroy the inclusive community created by God. Jesus Christ proclaimed and demonstrated by His life that God loves all equally; good news! The Bible teaches that Jesus is the source of God’s creation, and His sun shines equally on those who believe in Him and those who reject Him. God does not discriminate and yet His creation creates division between itself.
The material world created by God in some ways reflects God’s goodness. Therefore, Christian spirituality does not require us to withdraw from the world in order to secure salvation or to serve God properly. It is important to set apart regular time for prayer, study of Scripture, and worship of God of holy love, but we need not live in seclusion in order to find God.
We can encounter God anywhere, and so we must learn to be aware of His presence. God created us to enjoy fellowship with Him at all times, in all places. A full Christian life is available to all disciples of Jesus; those working in the market place and those in a religious context, such as a monastery. We are full time disciples of Christ, called to love and serve God and people. Following Jesus examples, let us too shatter the walls of exclusion, and wholeheartedly love and serve God and His beautiful creation

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Im blessed

Mohammed Ali dropped his Christian name Classius Clay,caling it a "Slave name".Here in India,we have a Kancha Illaiah who has added Shephered to his name.The comparison speaks volumes.Here in India Christian forces are going all out to de-Hinduise Dalits from every angle.Christians point strongly at caste discrimination in Hindu society.But,Christian society practices as much caste discrimination as the Hindus.No Dalit Christian can become a Bishop,which is reserved only for the upper castes.Dalits have to sit in separate sections in a Church,and they cannot be even buried in a common cemetery.In countries like the US blacks have separate churches.Caste and colour discrimination is rampant in Christian society.

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