God cannot be measured

God cannot be measured


Devotees would often ask Sri Ramakrishna how to know or understand God fully. They would say that different scriptures speak about Him in ever so many ways. The life stories of great Sadhakas do give some hint, but still He appears to be incomprehensible. With our limited minds and the inability to do intense Sadhana we are unable to understand Him truly.  They would ask him as to what was the way.  Sri Ramakrishna who was gifted with enormous powers of keen observation would answer their question using a very beautiful example. He would narrate the story as follows.

Once, there was a sugar hill and an ant which was very fond of sugar came to know about the hill.  It came all the way upto the sugar hill and managed to grab a grain of sugar in its mouth. Then, it started its trek back home, but said to itself, “the next time when I come back I shall carry the entire sugar hill”.  What a ridiculous idea !

The ant which is so insignificant and having such limited power or capacity imagining that it would carry the entire sugar hill ! In the same way, Sri Ramakrishna would say that human beings are endowed with very little capacity or spiritual power.  Coupled with these is their dis-inclination to do intense Sadhana. How could they comprehend the true nature of God? On the other hand, just as a grain of sugar is enough for the ant, if man understands even a little of the true nature of God, his life would be blessed.

He would become immensely happy and peaceful. So, the best course for man is to become a true spiritual aspirant and pray intensely to God with a longing heart. Such a Sadhaka or spiritual aspirant is bound to be blessed with at least a glimpse of God’s true nature which would make his life totally fulfilled.

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