Be productive and remain positive

Be productive and remain positive

By MAULANA WAHIDUD... | 16 July, 2016

In this life often you face experiences when a person abuses you, troubles you, provokes you. In that case you have two ways of responding to them. One is the way of ‘tit for tat’. Just as you have been troubled, you do the same to the other person. You also abuse him, trouble him, harm him. You are provoked to another’s provocation. The one who responds in this manner develops a negative personality in him. On the contrary, another person is the one who responded in a positive manner to a negative behaviour. The one who was abused by others but himself did not abuse anyone. Others tormented him but he did not torment others. The one who was harmed, but he did not harm others. The one who was provoked by others, did not provoke anyone.

Nature provides us some living examples on how to develop a positive personality. Cow is one such example. The cow is an industry of nature. It is given grass from the outer world but the cow converts it, through its inner mechanism, into milk. The same is to be done by every man and woman is this world. Every man and woman has to continuously change the ‘grass’ in the form of ‘milk’. There are two major parts of human brain. One is the conscious mind and the other is the unconscious mind. When a thought comes in the mind, initially, it remains in the conscious mind. Gradually, in due course, it reaches the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind of a person is a part where every item is preserved forever, but is not in the grasp of one’s conscious mind. Whosoever wants to have a positive personality will have to activate his mind: whenever a negative item comes to his mind, he will have to convert it into a positive item. So that in the next stage when this item moves on to the unconscious mind, it is preserved as a positive item rather than as a negative item.

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