Mr IOA President please answer

Mr IOA President please answer

By Hemanshu Chaturvedi | 6 August, 2016
Mr. N. Ramachandran.

The good part of all the associations is that all the office bearer are honorary, the reason being that they have love for sports and  want to promote sports. But the irony is that people who are appointed to such posts do not have the basic welfare of the game in their ‘To do List.’  The person in question is none other than  our beloved President of Indian Olympic association – Mr. N. Ramachandran  .

On 28th January 2014, a PIL was filed in the Delhi High Court challenging the elections of the office barriers of the Indian Olympics Association . The base of the petition filed by an ex player regarding the top post of President and Secretary General who were representing a sport which was not even part of either the Summer or Winter Olympics.

The PIL was heard but the relief was not granted , the petitioner in the PIL in para 3 had expressed his concern regarding the casual attitude  of the office bearers, and today that concern seems to be justified when we see the recent incidents of  ‘ the march past saga.

We saw that even the basic need of our medal prospect team was not fulfilled and they missed the opening  ceremony March past. The official bodies were more concerned on the appointment of the brand ambassador rather than looking into the basic necessity, comfort and facilities of our athletes.

This time India has sent the largest contingent to Olympics in the last 116 years of their participation with hopes of doubling the London Olympics tally.

“The view is concentrate on education rather than sport. The basic feeling is that sport doesn’t bring the money that is required to run a family”

N Ramachandran, IOA president .

The Prime Minister of the country gave a grand send off to all the participating athletes to encourage them to do well, but the most surprising encouragement and best of luck was given by none other than the President of  Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in an interview to Justin Rowlatt of BBC , with the heading of  Olympic losers: Why is India so bad at sport? published on 3rd August 2016.

In the interview our president clearly says , that “ sports is rarely at the top of anybody’s agenda- and that includes the athletes and their families. Most Indian families would prefer their children to be dentists or accountants rather than Olympians.

The most embarrassing statement given by a president on the eve of starting our campaign to win the medals was “The view is concentrate on education rather than sport. The basic feeling is that sport doesn’t bring the money that is required to run a family”.

Mr. President are you sending a message that all sportsmen who have gone to the Olympics are all lesser than dentist and accountants! And none of them seem to be running a decent family life as they do not have the money to provide for basic family life. These statements given by a person sitting at the helm of affairs of the Olympic association of the country is a direct insult to parents and sportsperson those who have poured their sweat and blood to win a medal for their country. The statement coming at this hour looks like a cover up by the president in case India’s medal tally does not improve than the earlier edition.

I wish that the PIL filed in protest for his nomination, we would have a better person to lead the Olympic moment in our country. After reading the above statements of his Mr. president, please answer your statements--- the whole nation is waiting to hear from you.

The PIL filed by me was in the larger interest of the country to better the medal tally.

Hemanshu Chaturvedi is a sports guru.


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I strongly support and agree to the issues raised for better sports facilities for the sportsperson in our nation.

Too sad, in fact the present President IOA is more of a question in himself as while speaking of education in Sports , he is known to have withdrawn the Young promoters / participants in Sports education from non less than International Olympic Body, concerned with Olympic Education. Parking of travel reimbursements of Olympic Educators is on record as still to be paid since last over two years; to be seen how long? Three Cheers for other officials including Secretary & Treasurer to support money Parking after performance of prog. Money parkers, meet fate of Subrato & Vijay Mallaya. This is what Sports education is for him, more shameful to even talk about. More than anyone else, he knows his proxy presence for not being elected, but, representing those who were elected and could not be in place for some reason. As learnt he is from family of great IPL champions for whom money may matter more. True, he represents a non Olympic Sport to hardly expect to know what Olympic Movement is? As Sportspersons, educators, administrators better accept it to be our weakness and a fall from the money/other such powers. More than sad is the non conduct of Olympic Education programmes in his presence so far. Olympic Movement has two important Pillors, manned by Olympic participants & Educators. While about 20 Courses in Olympic Solidarity were organised with full IOC grants by the earlier IOA Executives, he may not even know the name of the National Coordinator & Course Director, accredited by the IOC after attending such Courses under three International Course Directors on record. So, what he knows & can practice is a matter of concern. Prejudices, hatred as basis of judgements to run Sports, are anti social. Sports, now need revolution to have right things at right place. Sorry for an emotional out burst

Whereas my earlier comments were limited to a particular matter, I wish to convey that Sports like other disciplines now are of the age to call for more Sports backed administrators. With people undergoing professional courses of 4+2 for Master's, followed by M.Phil/Ph.D. Progs, Diploma, Gratuations in Phy. Edn., Sports, Coaching etc., need better understanding to even Govern Sports more efficiently /professionally. Hence, need of some minimum qualifier based on participating performance/education at various levels from School to College - Universities, Distt., State, National & Olympics. So, a call for the Sports Fraternity to come forward, please. - Dr.Jitendra Singh Naruka, Former Vice Chancellor, LNIPE-Gwalior ( Govt of India) & Advisor, Association of Indian Universities ; Representative of National Olympic Academy of India in the International Olympic Academy at Olympia/Athens- Greece, since early 1990s; Director Phy Edn & Sports, University of Delhi ( 1985-2009) , having won Coveted Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy of Govt of India, for Excellence in Sports for about 15 times; an accredited National Co-ordinator & Course Director for Solidarity Programs in Sports Management & Leadership by the International Olympic Committee since mid 1990s; founder to have raised the Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, in the University of Delhi as OSD/Principal, 1987-90 ; a National level Basketball player & among the first few to do Ph D in Phy Edn, in India_ guide being a graduate of the university of Oregon - USA. Graduated from national Institute- a Gold Medalist/Best Student awardee

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