Give up corruption

Give up corruption

By DAVINDER P.S. SANDHU | 27 May, 2017

Upon the martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur in Delhi, the nine-year-old Guru Gobind Singh was anointed as the next Teacher. Guru Ram Das, the fourth in line after Guru Nanak Dev, had established a system of spiritual centres in faraway places, headed by a devotee. Called masands, these persons were chosen to head the centre for their piety, compassion, and devotion. They preached the word of the Guru and transmitted to him the offerings at the spiritual centre, and occasionally escorted batches of devotees to the Guru.

Bhai Dulcha was the masand at Multan, and he came to Anandpur when he heard that Guru Gobind Singh had been anointed the tenth guru. Since he was meeting the guru for the first time, Bhai Dulcha decided to stay on for a few days at Anandpur.

After the morning prayers were over, the Guru would go out of the fort, and practise horse riding, archery and swordsmanship. On return, he would sit in congregation with the devotees. Bhai Dulcha also came and joined the group, upon which the Guru asked him about the welfare of the Multan diaspora. Bhai Dulcha gave an account of how he looked after the centre, and its functioning. “And what have you brought for me from Multan?” the Guru asked.

Bhai Dulcha tells the Guru that the offerings at the centre have been duly deposited at Anadpur, and there is nothing left with him. “May be you are forgetting something,” the young Guru quizzed him again. Bhai Dulcha shakes his head in anger, and his turban falls off. But it falls with a metallic sound, and diamond encrusted gold bracelets roll out on the floor. Shamefaced, he asks to be pardoned, as greed had got the better of him. The Guru advised him: Focus on that which will not pass away,//Abandon your false actions, instead focus on the True Master.

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