23 April, 2017

Reprisal theatrics, false flag attacks in Syria

Syria, Reprisal theatrics, chemical attack, Baathist state, Putin, President Donald Trump, Al Qaeda, GOP strategist

American Presidents often conduct military operations more for their domestic electorates than against external enemies. The recent Tomahawk missile volley fired at a Syrian military base on the orders of President Donald Trump fits squarely in that category.

22 April, 2017

After Reform 2.0, time for Modi’s Reform 4.0

 Modi’s Reform 4.0, Indira Gandhi, Pm Modi, Congress, Siddavanahalli Nijalingappa, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister,  high growth, middle class, steady inflow of the poor

Indira Gandhi had a far better grasp of politics than her rivals in the Congress, the hapless Siddavanahalli Nijalingappa and others in the sinister, albeit self-named, “Syndicate”. She first extinguished the vestigial symbols of privilege retained by the former princely families of India, who had handed over their fiefdoms in 1947 on the condition that a few of the benefits they had enjoyed as a consequence of their having been rulers would be retained, a promise made by Jawaharlal Nehru that was broken by his only child.

22 April, 2017

Gruh finance will give steady gains

Gruh finance, National Housing Bank, NHB, HDFC, AKFED, Real Estate, housing loans, capital subsidy

India has embarked on a path of steady growth owing to improved performance on various macroeconomic parameters and various reform measures announced by the government. A stable macroeconomic environment and falling commodity prices are some of the factors that have helped the country achieve strong economic growth estimates. The country is expected to register a GDP growth of 7.6%, as compared to 7.2% in the previous year, registering the highest percentage increase in the last five years.

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