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12 February, 2017

New trends that will shape the television industry in 2017

TV was a TV. With the advancement of technology, TV became more than just the good old TV. With the advent of the internet, TV became smart. From luxury to necessity, today television has become a part of everyday life, just like the mobile phone. From the cathode ray TV which used to just transmit moving images and sound, it has evolved to a major source of entertainment, advertisement, news and education.

21 January, 2017

Digital publishing is redefining book trade in the Indian market

e-publishing market, Digital publishing, Indian market, technological advancements
The books and publishing ecosystem has endured a shift of colossal nature, owing to the advent of e-books as an alternative to physical formats, making literature more comprehensive and mobile. E-books have found an audience in the younger generation, owing to ease in readability and even the corporate arena, alongside the educational system is embracing the new digital format.
8 January, 2017

Regional parties are witnessing a dramatic churn

Regional parties, 2019 general elections, Trinamool Congress, Demonetiation, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, government

The stakes are certainly high as regional parties eye the general elections of 2019. With the Trinamool Congress out on the streets, protesting the arrest of its senior MPs and the Samajwadi Party hit by a Mahabharata between the brothers, uncles and nephews, the regional players are fighting for the larger share of political power in Delhi. Mamata Banerjee seems to have rekindled her fighting spirit and is out on the streets, something, which has managed to catapult her to the Chief Minister’s post in the crucial state of Bengal.

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