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10 December, 2016

How mobile apps are influencing the buying habits of Generation Y

Internet has transformed the way businesses function, giving rise to a sea of change in the way consumers purchase goods and services. Gone are those days when people would travel miles to get access to their favorite brands/products. With internet, consumers can opt for a gamut of products with the click of a button, anytime, anywhere. Among all the internet users, Generation Y is the group of consumers who are actively involved in online purchases.
19 November, 2016

National interest becomes a talking point

Demonetisation, National interest, bank, withdraw money, exchange money

It has been over a week that demonetisation has been introduced. It has been a rather eventful week ever since. For never in the history of independent India has a nation been mobilised on this massive a scale to weed out corruption and the curse of black money from the system. While it has united the opposition against the government over its problematic implementation and the real hardships it has caused to many, what has pleasantly surprised all is that many are willing to tolerate the heartache for the cause of the nation.

12 November, 2016

Debunking the top five myths related to cloud computing

The entry of cloud technology in the business sphere is a game-changer. Across the globe, cloud telephony has fundamentally changed the way businesses look at disaster recovery. While still considered a relatively new innovation, the concept dates back to the 1960s since the Timeshare model. Hotmail and Google too, have been using cloud technology since many years.
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