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14 August, 2017

Digital India can succeed only if cyber security is enhanced

Narendra Modi, Digital Locker, cyberattacks, cyber security, cybersecurity management, India, digital bills
India has witnessed an unprecedented level of development, in terms of finance and technology, in the past few years. This has been possible under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose revolutionary scheme Digital India has been the most ambitious of the lot. Digital India is a campaign to empower India as a technologically savvy and stable nation by emboldening online infrastructure and increasing internet connectivity as well as digital awareness.
5 August, 2017

Heterogeneous computing and the new digital revolution

Heterogeneous computing, digital revolution, Computer industry, smartphones, QUALCOMM, FPGA, GPU, CPU
Computer industry is approaching a formidable obstacle course where anyone wishing to drive advances in computing technology must carefully negotiate several segments of computing. Consumers want improved battery life, size, and weight for their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Likewise, data center power demands and cooling costs continue to rise. At the same time, we constantly demand rise in performance to enable compelling new user experiences.
29 July, 2017

India should widen pool of good, appointed officials

Chief Minister/Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, appointed officials, India’s Election Commission, officials in India

How could your Chief Minister/Prime Minister or Cabinet Ministers deliver much better outcomes to you as a citizen? Many well-meaning politically elected leaders, who want to do good work for citizens, are stuck. They have a limited talent pool of good appointed officials in India. This pool abounds with silos—services such as IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IRSE, IRTS and many others.

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