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15 October, 2016

That definitive Carter bio is finally here, two decades after her death

The Invention of Angel Carter, Angela Carter, Salman Rushdie, England, Mark Pearce, literary judgements
At the outset, two things about The Invention of Angel Carter are surprising. The first is that we’ve waited this long for a biography of Carter who died of cancer, aged 51, in 1992. The second is that this is Edmund Gordon’s first book. Gordon, who’s one of our best young critics, has been writing perceptive articles for newspapers and literary magazines for several years, as well as teaching English at King’s College London. So on two counts this book feels overdue. On neither count does it disappoint.
15 October, 2016

History of art is not just about looking at some pretty pictures

Art, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, AS Level, History of Art, Madonnas
At school I really grasped how vital history of art is. It is essentially the history of a culture in a specific place; it is what society in Rome, Nairobi, Paris or Bejing at that time thought was important.
1 October, 2016

Future of banking lies in digital wallets and online payments

Digital wallets, Banking, mobile wallets, bitcoins, Unified Payment Interface, Digital money

Ever since its inception, the concept of currency has undergone several evolutions over the ages. From barters to coins to paper currency to credit/debit cards to present day digital payments solutions, every evolution has indubitably made a far-reaching impact on the process of transactions and commerce and has made it more convenient than before.

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