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Aishwarya Pandit Sharma

Regional parties are witnessing a dramatic churn

8 January, 2017

The stakes are certainly high as regional parties eye the general elections of 2019.

Why does the Congress need an alliance in UP?

31 December, 2016

The Congress party’s electoral strategy for Uttar Pradesh seems to be evolving every day.

National interest may not be enough to negate demonetisation hardships

24 December, 2016

With barely a week to go before the 30 December 2016 deadline, the troubles associated with a cashless existence remain.

National interest becomes a talking point

19 November, 2016

It has been over a week that demonetisation has been introduced. It has been a rather eventful week ever since.

Crisis in Kashmir has reached a boiling point

24 September, 2016

It was in the aftermath of the 2001 Parliament attacks that India came close to a war with Pakistan. Fifteen years later, another conflict looks likely.