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Erskine Rose artistic candles have been a runaway success

17 February, 2018

The scented candle sector is enjoying a bonanza; the beauty therapy and lifestyle industries have encouraged the boom in scented candles sales and a designer scented candle is a gift everyone loves

New Jersey girl who mastered the art of everyday diamonds

10 February, 2018

In a nutshell Diane Kordas is a New Jersey girl who married a Greek boy and mastered the art of everyday diamonds.

The beekeeper who turned a hobby into a family activity

6 January, 2018

Some say reports about the declining number of bees in UK have incentivised amateur bee keepers to have a go, but it could be that the improvement in the EU chemi

This Yorkshire family has been baking for over a hundred years

30 December, 2017

The Christmas break turns even the most moderate eaters into gourmands and gluttons.

The London Horse Show was a galloping spectacle of elegance

16 December, 2017

Most of UK’s rural equestrian community make the annual pilgrimage to Olympia, in West London, the week before Christmas to see the splendid horse displays and gorge on shopping in the stunning col