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Things can only get better between India and Canada

17 February, 2018

On 17 February, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

‘More India and less China, please’

20 January, 2018

The world needs more India and less China—that’s according to many of the members of the global strategic community who were in India last week.

Fire and Fury explodes like an IED in Washington Beltway

13 January, 2018

Michael Wolff’s new book about the Donald Trump presidency, Fire and Fury, has exploded like an IED (Improvised Editorial Device) inside the Washington Beltway.

Catalan crisis tests EU’s limits

29 October, 2017

The problem for the European Union is that it doesn’t have a Sardar Patel.

President Trump: Here there be monsters?

14 January, 2017

NEW DELHI: The modern incarnations of Humphrey from Yes, Prime Minister excel in keeping their pet politicians on leash t