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Catalan crisis tests EU’s limits

29 October, 2017

The problem for the European Union is that it doesn’t have a Sardar Patel.

President Trump: Here there be monsters?

14 January, 2017

NEW DELHI: The modern incarnations of Humphrey from Yes, Prime Minister excel in keeping their pet politicians on leash t

Foreign relations: 2017 likely to be a good year for India

31 December, 2016

Kochi: 2016 planted the seeds for some fundamental changes around the globe—a Donald Trump Presidency, Brexit, demonetisation, migration waves in Europe, a Chines

What now for Trump’s America?

12 November, 2016

London: So here’s what just happened. President-elect Donald J.

Look beyond the Presidential race, don’t miss the Senate vote

6 November, 2016

London. The men who designed the American system of governance didn’t trust each other.