Davinder P.S. Sandhu

Examining ourselves

15 October, 2017

Lord Ram had returned to Ayodhya, and after the coronation ceremony, Ram and Sita sat on the throne as King and Queen.

On becoming human

7 October, 2017

In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme said that 8.7 million (give or take a million) is the estimated total number of species on Earth, with 86% of all speci

Don’t covet what belongs to others

30 September, 2017

The new devotee reached the Teacher’s abode. He wanted quick self-actualisation, and asked of the

Teacher – “tell me the Word, so that I may be free of all bondage.”

Gurus are our storytellers

23 September, 2017

One day, I asked my teacher about why he was so full of examples and stories.

Sharing the spiritual secrets

17 September, 2017

Saint Fareed was guided by his mother on to the spiritual path. His first journey commenced as a teenager, with his mother sending him to the forest for meditation.