Davinder P.S. Sandhu

Every breath I take

10 December, 2017

“Only the expert can value any object,” said Guru Nanak. Mardana wants an example to

The lamp of wisdom

3 December, 2017

The historical proof of this story is not well established, but my Teacher would say there is much to learn from it, and therefore it is worth sharing.

The gift of life is to be used to serve

26 November, 2017

Between 998 AD and 1030 AD, Mahmud of Ghazni gathered an empire, based on cruelty, and plunder and loot.

The blessing of adversity

11 November, 2017

The congregation asks of Guru Gobind Singh, “O Teacher, when you are pleased with the devotee, what do you bestow upon them?”

About praise and slander

4 November, 2017

The Bhakti movement saint, Namdev served society by running a school. Any person could send their child, and no fee was charged. A rich merchant decided to send his child to the great Bhagat.