Davinder P.S. Sandhu

About praise and slander

4 November, 2017

The Bhakti movement saint, Namdev served society by running a school. Any person could send their child, and no fee was charged. A rich merchant decided to send his child to the great Bhagat.

The spiritual ­couple

29 October, 2017

Saint Kabeer returns to Kashi after a long tour, and finds that people are talking with great reverence about Mata Loi, his wife.

To forgive is divine

21 October, 2017

A small stone rolls around, as it is hit by the travelers’ shoes.

Examining ourselves

15 October, 2017

Lord Ram had returned to Ayodhya, and after the coronation ceremony, Ram and Sita sat on the throne as King and Queen.

On becoming human

7 October, 2017

In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme said that 8.7 million (give or take a million) is the estimated total number of species on Earth, with 86% of all speci