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Pak is India’s headache, not the US’

3 December, 2017

The rele

India, US on same page on South Asia’s security

27 August, 2017

Present day India-US

Pakistan wages a low cost war against India

5 February, 2017

A firm indication of Pakistan ISI’s hand in the sabotage behind the recent derailment of Indore-Patna Express near Kanpur, in which as many as 148 passengers died, has b

Politics over national achievements must stop

15 October, 2016

The responses of the political opposition to the successful surgical strike carried out by our para commandos on terror launch pads across the Line of Control (LO

India’s return to realism on Pakistan was overdue

1 October, 2016

India has finally called Pakistan’s bluff on cross border terrorism by giving a free hand to its Army in responding, at a time of its choosing, to the terrorist offensiv