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India’s Pak policy is firm and realistic

21 August, 2016

In the backdrop of an increase in the infiltration of terrorists into Kashmir valley from across the Line of Control and attempts by pro-Pakistan elements to cause destabilisation in Kashmir by ins

New politico-military strategy needed to tackle global terror

30 July, 2016

The horrendous killing of innocent citizens celebrating Bastille Day in France’s Nice and the Orlando massacre earlier, both by ISIS’ “lone wolves” of Tunisian and Afghan origins respectively, clea

First, India must fight its own war on terror

16 July, 2016

Pakistan has returned to its old game of fomenting civil unrest and militancy in Kashmir after its army has found that India would not budge from its stand that the India-Pakistan talks could be re

The new terror requires global handling

9 July, 2016

The attack on the Ataturk International Airport at Ankara led by an ISIS suicide bomber of Chechen origin, the Orlando massacre by a self-confessed ISIS convert born and brought up in US and an ear

Brexit unlikely to impact India

2 July, 2016
It is not without significance that the outreach of globalisation is now beginning to set off a balancing trend of nations returning to a policy of prioritisation of domestic needs and well being