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Gautam Mukherjee

PM Modi goes to Europe to initiate a new season of bilaterals

3 June, 2017

The thing with the European Union (EU) is its mini-bus load of 27members.

Three years of Modi’s systemic reforms presage the next seven

20 May, 2017

There is not a thought that is being thought in the West or the East that is not active in some Indian mind.

E.P. Thompson

Will NDA double buying power of the rupee?

22 April, 2017

A country’s economy gets -reflected through its currency.

 -Nirmala Sitharaman

Jadhav verdict proves once again army controls Pak

15 April, 2017

It took the outrageous pronouncement of a killer verdict from a Pakistani military court against an Indian businessman to effect an unprecedented parliamentary unity.