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Has populism bypassed India?

15 April, 2017

“We need to penetrate the echo chamber of populism with plain facts and good British common sense”, wrote the respected commentator, Oxford professor Timothy Garton Ash in a recent article in the L

Europe remains on the brink

25 March, 2017

The sigh of relief coming from the unelected European Commission in Brussels was so loud that you could probably hear it in every capital of the 28-member European Union

After five years, Britain and Russia are about to talk

11 March, 2017

London: The announcement that Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, is to visit Russia in the coming weeks is a promising development.

Trump should work with Putin to solve Libya mess

4 March, 2017

LONDON: If you think Syria is complicated, take a look at Libya.

Can you hear the Doomsday Clock ticking?

12 February, 2017

London: You probably didn’t notice, but Armageddon moved closer last week.