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After five years, Britain and Russia are about to talk

11 March, 2017

London: The announcement that Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, is to visit Russia in the coming weeks is a promising development.

Trump should work with Putin to solve Libya mess

4 March, 2017

LONDON: If you think Syria is complicated, take a look at Libya.

Can you hear the Doomsday Clock ticking?

12 February, 2017

London: You probably didn’t notice, but Armageddon moved closer last week.

Will 2017 witness the death rattle of Europe?

21 January, 2017

LONDON: The future of the European Union (EU) hangs by a thread.

Governments should go soft to be smart

8 January, 2017

London: If you flick through the 100 or so free-to-air TV channels on UK television, you’ll come across RT. Pause for a while and take a look at what’s on offer.