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Will Thucydides’ Trap lead to World War 3?

10 June, 2017

LONDON: Where do you think World War 3 (WW3) will start? Probably not in Europe, even though there are tensions in the Ukraine and on the borders of the Baltic states.

OBOR may signal the start of the Asian century

27 May, 2017
Twenty-eight years ago, I was in heaven, or at least the nearest you can get to it on earth.

Are you worried about Big Data? You should be

13 May, 2017

When you log on to your social media account, do you ever think about what you are giving away to the provider, probably Facebook?

How do you solve a problem like Korea?

29 April, 2017

Nuclear war? Really? Not for the last 30 years, since Gorbachev took up residence in the Kremlin, has the N-word been so prominent in the world press.

Has populism bypassed India?

15 April, 2017

“We need to penetrate the echo chamber of populism with plain facts and good British common sense”, wrote the respected commentator, Oxford professor Timothy Garton Ash in a recent article in the L