Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Character builds the nation

15 October, 2017

Toyota, a Japanese motor company, has been functioning for the last thirty years without a single day ever having been wasted, and without its production ever once havin

How to eradicate corruption

7 October, 2017

Corruption begins in the mind. Any movement that intends to achieve its goal must target individual minds, rather than the system.

Peace is the way of the faithful

30 September, 2017

There is a very relevant Hadith recorded by Bhukari, which clarifies that when the Prophet had to choose between two paths, he always opted for the easier—the peaceful course of action—than the har

Use anger to your advantage

23 September, 2017

Anger is the killer of peace. Giving vent to anger is a sign of weakness, whereas the mastering of anger is a sign of power.

Misinterpretation of religion

17 September, 2017

One of the main disclosures of modern physics has been that the energy reaching the Earth from the Sun is the result of nuclear reactions at the centre of the Sun.