Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Man should follow the law of God

18 February, 2018

The Quran states: “God created everything, and He has set for each a measure.” (25:2)This principle is startlingly clear in the world of physics, where research has shown everything in t

Fulfill duties, but expect no reward

10 February, 2018

The Prophet provided us with the most perfect example of the divine characteristics which he exhorted us to adopt.

How faith helps

4 February, 2018

There are many ways in which God maintains the equilibrium of nature.

The gist of the Quran

27 January, 2018

It befits a person to commence any task in the name of God, the Creator. God is the source of all mercy and compassion. His blessings are -continually descending upon creation.

Who finds the truth?

21 January, 2018

The Quran is a book of guidance. But it only guides those who are sincere in their search, and anxious to be guided.