Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Rise at night to worship Him

22 April, 2017

The chapter of the Quran entitled “Al-Muzammil” (The Mantled One) commences with these verses: “You who are wrapped up in your mantle, keep vigil all night, save for a f

Utilise anger as a blessing

8 April, 2017

Once a person said to the Prophet of Islam: “O Prophet, give me a master advice by which I may be able to manage all the affairs of my life.” The Prophet simply replied: ‘Don’t be angry.’ (Bukhari)

God reverses long life in creation

1 April, 2017

A human body has an average of about 100 trillion cells. Our body is composed of 78 organs and it isdue to the functioning of these organs that a person is alive.

Acknowledge God, then humanity

25 March, 2017

A successful lawyer from UP decided to buy property in an expensive locality.

Society is based on mutual counselling

18 March, 2017

The Prophet of Islam once said: “A believer acts as a mirror for a fellow believer.” (Abu Dawud).