Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

The gist of Islam

16 December, 2017

The study of the Quran tells us that it is individual-based rather than system-oriented. That is, the actual target of the Book is to change the thinking of the individual.

Peace for the sake of peace

10 December, 2017

Peace is the most discussed theme in the world. Every section of society claims that it wants to establish peace. It is difficult to find a single person who is an exception to this rule.

A formula for peace

3 December, 2017

The history of peace shows that there can be two periods of peace: political peace and non-political peace. In ancient times people were ruled by kings in almost every part of the world.

Living with a positive mind

26 November, 2017

Prayer is only another name for spirituality: spirituality and peace are two sides of a single coin.

A case of spiritual time share

19 November, 2017

From the time of Guru Nanak Dev, the next Teacher was anointed from amongst the devotees, but not from within the family, after the prospective leader was tested to confirm steadfastness to the tea