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M.J. Akbar
Veteran journalist M.J Akbar is the founder of The Sunday Guardian

From once to once-too-often

21 May, 2016

It has been well established, since the beginning of human conflict, that success has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan.

How can an Italian court murder Indian democracy?

7 May, 2016

The ancients knew their metaphors. They classified the state of a human mind into four categories, or “humours”, based on bodily fluids: blood, phlegm, melancholy and choler [or bile].

Non reply doesn’t make Agusta non issue

30 April, 2016

There is a term in government parlance called non-paper, basically designed to cover grey space, to suggest a position without offering any commitment.

The Pope talks to Europe

23 April, 2016
Real stories so often get lost in the news; and news itself becomes a passing banner in the long parade of information that sets out after breakfast on a march into the night.

Gandhi, Chakrayya and Ambedkar

16 April, 2016

​In May 1947, Mahatma Gandhi suffered a grievous personal loss. Chakrayya, a young Dalit disciple who had served at Sevagram Ashram since its inception in 1935, died of brain tumour.