Delhi should be declared World Heritage City

5 August, 2017
Historically, mosque and tomb architectur

In memory of a historian, Biswamoy Pati

1 July, 2017

The University of Delhi (DU) has just lost one of the senior most and popular historians on its faculty.

Sufism remains heart of Islam, even now

10 June, 2017

This writer has just published a book, addressing some of the fiercely contested issues about religion and politics in medieval India, especially with regard to the cruc

History is misused for identity driven politics

7 May, 2017

Regular abuses of the past in the politics of the present make history a hot subject.

Sufi establishments stand for love and tolerance

1 April, 2017
Located in the picturesque terrain adjacent to the historic Vijayanagara city of Hampi, the Kannada University recently organised a two-day national seminar on “Sufi Tradition