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Brain makeover: Is old age now a malaise, a malady, a disorder?

25 November, 2017

Is it a condition, an ailment, a disease, that a shadow cast upon a small bit of our day is an experience that at best can be likened to a carbuncled lizard outstretching itself in need of a good h

Thinking outside the lunch box: Regarding desi crossover cuisine

21 October, 2017

Long ago perhaps one would have politely asked for details to lodge in your muddled mind but now, you either take it in with an air of amused astonishment or piece the ingredients together as a nat

Heaven’s gates close on the flamboyant guru

23 September, 2017

It seems that this fixation will continue to prosper till the world comes to an end. Speaking of end, brings to mind a cult by the name of Heaven’s Gate in Southern California.

Superwoman: Is this gender balance or plain brainwashing?

19 August, 2017
At the offset one should be apprised that this is no feminist outcry but if it need to at all be labelled, this piece is an attempt to sound the gong for our men-folk to wake

Doped from head to toe, this is what Udta Bharat is about

22 July, 2017
However is it of any relevance whether the air-tight, zip-locked packages commence their journey from Afghanistan, transiting to sprout a bit, in Pakistan to find some penetra