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The compound of confluence: A mandir complex in New Delhi

24 February, 2018

If it had not been for the lady with her skyscraper heels and smart-alecky and wise-cracky comments good enough to gutter-bound the savviest of them all, this experience, perhaps would have never h

Some thoughts on the merchandising of Baby Moshe’s Bharat trip

27 January, 2018

It had become a circus—cameras and mikes being thrust in boy Moshe’s face; Baby Moshe held tight in Nanny Sandra Samuel’s arms during the gruesome 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, cherubic wailing face

Show business, family planning and the perils of moralism

23 December, 2017
For years I have been wanting to put pen to paper on this matter but when over two weeks ago, it erupted in full public glare, making rabbit-in-the-headline moments, had to sa

Brain makeover: Is old age now a malaise, a malady, a disorder?

25 November, 2017

Is it a condition, an ailment, a disease, that a shadow cast upon a small bit of our day is an experience that at best can be likened to a carbuncled lizard outstretching itself in need of a good h

Thinking outside the lunch box: Regarding desi crossover cuisine

21 October, 2017

Long ago perhaps one would have politely asked for details to lodge in your muddled mind but now, you either take it in with an air of amused astonishment or piece the ingredients together as a nat