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Social epidemic: The WhatsApp lilac land

17 June, 2017

Nothing short of madness—this WhatsApping.

Swach Bharat Mission: A squeaky clean, curated concept

13 May, 2017

Honestly, I wish this piece could be a breezy romp with a few laughs thrown in — our Sunday due — but alas, what with this mantra pouring out of our ears we are a lo

Schizophrenia at high mast: Globalisation as a double-edged sword

15 April, 2017
Cannot put my finger on the apt word to describe what has happened, continues to happen, to us as a Nation.

Pains and pleasures of working from home

11 March, 2017

I give up. Throw in the towel. It is an impossibility,and whoever said the word impossible does not exist came out with this premise one bleary-eyed, grey- faced morning.