Recognise Kausalya with Padma Shri

16 December, 2017

Each year, a large number of individuals are given a “Padma” award.

Collect dues from defaulters, not taxpayers

9 December, 2017

The Mumbai High Court has ruled that the Company Affairs Department is correct in its order asking for a forced merger of a private company with an entirely separate ent

India’s Obama-style ‘Religion Politics’

2 December, 2017

In the United States of America, not exactly a Third World country, much media attention has been paid over the past decade as to the religion of Barack Obama.

A return to sanity

26 November, 2017

The Election Commission of India need not have waited for so many months before finally reaching the obvious conclusion that the faction represented by Chief Minister E.

Shia board shows the way

18 November, 2017

Any individual who genuinely believes in the truth of all life being the creation of a single Almighty, would hesitate to segregate himself or herself from other human b