Swami Shantatmananda

Grasping the infinite

15 October, 2017

Some of the devotees would express to Sri Ramakrishna their inability to comprehend the idea of Advaita although the idea appeals to them.

Obstacle to spiritual life

7 October, 2017

Devotees would often come to Sri Ramakrishna unable to find a way out of their existential problems.

‘Attraction causes sufferings’

30 September, 2017

Sri Ramakrishna led an extraordinarily spiritual life.  He had innumerable spiritual experiences.  Some devotees would ask Sri Ramakrishna about the nature of spiritual experiences.  Although somet

Pursue Sadhana to win over Samsara

23 September, 2017

Devotees tormented by worldly afflictions would often unburden their minds to Sri Ramakrishna. They would seek his advice as to how to cross the ocean of Samsara.

Inaction is not evolution

17 September, 2017

Spiritual seekers are often confronted by a dilemma. The participation or involvement in action brings in its wake several problems and difficulties.