Swami Shantatmananda

Kalpataru celebrations

30 December, 2017

Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna is being worshipped as Avatar descended on earth by millions of people all over the world.  However, he was extremely unostentatious and would never make a show of his spir

Ramakrishna and Christ

23 December, 2017

Shri Ramakrishna was hailed as one of the greatest prophets of harmony.  After realising the great spiritual truths according to Hinduism, he traversed the spiritual pat

The Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi

16 December, 2017

The Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, the consort of Sri Ramakrishna, led an exemplary spiritual life. Many devotees considered her as the embodiment of the Divine Mother.

Sarada Devi, the universal mother

10 December, 2017

Sri Sarada Devi, the consort of Sri Ramakrishna, was popularly known as the Holy Mother amongst her devotees.

The nature of illumined souls

3 December, 2017

Devotees would often ask Sri Ramakrishna about the nature of illumined souls.  Sri Ramakrishna would answer their question using a beautiful analogy.  He would say, “Ignorant beings are like houses