Swami Shantatmananda

Love of God is the way of life

19 August, 2017

Devotees would often come to Sri Ramakrishna to seek spiritual advice.  They would often lament that they don’t feel a deep love for God.

The core of spiritual belief

13 August, 2017

Many devotees would approach Sri Ramakrishna regarding their doubts about spiritual life.

Boundless luminosity

5 August, 2017

Devotees would often come and open their hearts to Sri Ramakrishna.  They would complain again and again about their defects and that they are unable to transcend their limitations and reach a high

Embodiment of truth

30 July, 2017

Sri Ramakrishna was an extraordinary example of someone totally established in truth. His adherence to truth was of a very rare nature something unheard of before.

Do not ignore farsightedness

22 July, 2017

Once Shri Kesab Chandra Sen and Vijaykrishna Goswami had come to visit Sri Ramakrishna.  At that time Narendra (the future Swami Vivekananda) was also present at that place.  Sri Ramakrishna was lo