Swami Shantatmananda

Guru suggests spiritual discipline

18 March, 2017

People who take to spiritual life often go to a Guru for guidance. Yet it is found that very few make any worthwhile progress in spiritual life.

One should be spiritually settled

11 March, 2017

Devotees suffering from worldly afflictions would come to Sri Ramakrishna seeking solace. They would wish to know how to live in this world.

Impurities of heart can be cleansed

4 March, 2017

Devotees would often ask Sri Ramakrishna as to how to bring about spiritual awakening in their lives. They would complain that they are feeling dry and incapable of progressing in spiritual life.

Satsang quickens spiritual progress

25 February, 2017

Sri Ramakrishna would tell the devotees that the company of the holy or Satsang is an extremely important discipline in spiritual life.  Satsang has immense power to qui

Sadhana helps avoid distractions

18 February, 2017

Devotees would often ask Sri Ramakrishna about the behaviour of a person of knowledge.  This is because they would often feel baffled by the seemingly inconsistent behavior of such persons.  Althou