Veenu Sandal

Veenu Sandal

Is there a technology to contact the dead?

18 March, 2018

Do you want to speak to, say Princess Diana or Indira Gandhi or Indian superstar Rajesh Khanna or a loved one who is no longer alive?

About the mysteries of life and death

10 March, 2018

Parapsychological phenomena and the idea of a parallel or other world has always been intriguing.

Our names shine even after our souls depart

3 March, 2018

Do names matter after death? Yes they do, and not only names but residential or other places linked with them matter too.

How we die affects the journey of the soul

24 February, 2018

In all communities, cultures, religions, countries, literature across the world it has been—without exception since times immemorial—considered important to die a “good death”.

Ageless ghosts or a toxic hallucination?

17 February, 2018
An extraordinarily large number of ghost and other paranormal stories have been around since ancient times not only in India but in societies and cultures spanning the entire