Veenu Sandal

Veenu Sandal

A mysterious return from the other world

22 April, 2017
He had quick fingers and a quick mind. And against his dark skin, his white teeth shone like a row of beautiful pearls.

Spirit guidance that has immense scope

15 April, 2017
It has taken me many years, many meetings, lots of questions to move towards what lies at the centre of paranormal or mystical powers.

How can we rise above the life-death divide?

8 April, 2017

Many years ago, on an intensely chilly, foggy December night, just a day before a New Year, I was sitting in a boat. Shivering.

The power of divine Devi is at its peak during the Navratras

1 April, 2017
Chaitra Navratras,  the festival of nine nights observed in honor of the divine feminine Devi in different forms are underway in India right now, it will end on 5 April and so is an upsurge of De

Transiting to the other world could prove to be a serious challenge

25 March, 2017
Much more than one century has passed since Edgar Allen Poe, the gifted American writer wrote: “The boundaries between life and death are at best shadowy and vague.