Veenu Sandal

Veenu Sandal

Supernatural hotel guests who never leave

16 December, 2017
How come there are so many haunted hotels in the world? “It is not uncommon for historic hotels to claim to have a resident ghost”, writer Susan Harlan explained.

Black magic: A curse or a dream come true?

9 December, 2017
What are your views on totkas and bandhana where one just cannot do anything one wants to do? That was the single, surprising question in a recent e-mail.

Life and death are multi-dimensional

2 December, 2017
When you die you know you’re dead because your brain still works and you could even hear your death announced.

Mysteries and their baffling rationales

25 November, 2017

Rubbish, utter and absolute nonsense.

Are souls free to travel across outer space?

18 November, 2017
Unencumbered by a physical body and its many vital needs for survival such as oxygen, can souls or ghosts travel, apart from the seven astral worlds, to other planets?