Veenu Sandal

Veenu Sandal

Can you predetermine the time of your death?

11 November, 2017

Life and death are governed by factors and rules about which not enough is known with a multitude of mysteries surrounding death in particular.

Do ghosts keep an eye on the living world?

4 November, 2017

Do ghosts from the other world keep tabs on our living world?

Averting death has serious repercussions

28 October, 2017
There was a time, long ages ago, when humans had a maximum lifespan of 30 years. Dogs too had a lifespan of 30 years and cats had a 20 year lifespan.

Is there a predestined hour of death for us all?

21 October, 2017

Three American scientists recently won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discoveries of the microscopic biological machinery that controls the circadian rhythm, or the 24-hour bod

Inexplicable connect with the other world

14 October, 2017

Wooo, woooo, woooooo—that was Mullahji responding to the azaan, the Islamic call for prayer from a mosque.