Cow vigilantism is a criminal aberration

15 July, 2017

When the apocalypse that you prophesised with supreme confi

There cannot be any compromise with Kashmir’s separatists

29 April, 2017

The doomsday scenario vis-à-vis Kashmir being portrayed with alarming alacrity by a clutch of prominent personalities that include the historian Ramachandra Guha and the

The ethnic cleansing we have forgotten

5 February, 2017

To forget an evil is to condone the crime; to pardon an atrocity is to see it recur with dangerous consequences and to overlook a wrong is to alter the paradigm of justice.

Demonetisation is not about money alone

26 November, 2016

“Man doth not live by bread only”, so goes the adage from the Old Testament, implying that the sum total of human existence cannot be gauged by material considerations alone; non-material aspiratio

Restraint or not, Pak a threat to world peace

22 October, 2016

Despite India’s timely and evidence driven calls to brand Pakistan a terrorist state subject to international sanctions and despite the concurrence of several prominent