India is reliable, Pak supports terror: US Congressman

India is reliable, Pak supports terror: US Congressman

By Hector Kenneth | NEW DELHI | 25 September, 2016
Ted Poe
Ted Poe says that Pakistanis have lied about the use of the money that the US has been giving Pakistan.

US Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, who has tabled a Bill in the US Congress to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, spoke to Hector Kenneth, Managing Editor of NewsX. Excerpts:

Q: What was the trigger for you to propose this legislation?

A: Pakistan has not been a reliable ally (of the US). They play both sides and historically they have supported the US, but at the same time they have supported terrorism. This legislation requires the (US) President to give a specific report on Pakistan’s support to terror and within 30 days, the Secretary of State must justify why this should not pass. We need to haul up Pakistan. Pakistan has historically supported terrorism and we saw it when the ISI protected Osama Bin Laden. When the helicopter of the US crashed in Abbottabad, they provided intel to our enemies.

Q: What are the infractions that led to this legislation?

A: There are several examples of Pakistan supporting terrorists, like the Pakistan hideout of Osama Bin Laden just thousand yards away from their military base. Even ISI might have known that Osama would have been there. (Then) Taliban, the Haqqani network and Al Qaeda. The Pakistanis lied about the use of the money that the US was giving it. Pakistan was using it to support terror. They lied and cheated us about the funds given to them. These are some examples of ISI supporting terrorism.

Q: But Pakistan claims it is a victim of terror with reference to India’s charges against it.

A: India has been a reliable, stabilising influence in the region and this is why US-India relations are growing. Pakistan has been pretending to be reliable. Time has come to let everyone know that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism. US has to support India in the reliability that they have shown to us. But Pakistan has always been unreliable and the world needs stabilisation in the region in which US supports India.

Q: What response have you got to your legislation?

A: Most in the Congress are realists and know the truth about Pakistan. We know that Pakistan is siding with our enemies. Pakistan is playing both sides, with the US and with the terrorists. We need to cut off the money that we give Pakistan. Remember the Congress has always said that they will investigate and know the facts that where the money has been used which was given by the US to ISI, it should not be used in the terrorism activities spread by Pakistan. Thus it will be a controversial legislation.

Q: India has described Pakistan as being in the Ivy League of terrorism. What is your response?

A: Wish I had thought of that label. That is the perfect label for Pakistan. It is shameful what they are doing.

Q: Would you support military action by India against Pakistan?

A: It is not for me to advise India, but Pakistan is causing mischief officially and through unofficial networks.

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This sort of move in the US Congress has been defeated too many times in the past. Just eye wash. Between India and Sunni Islam, the US always chooses the latter. Pakistan, US and India. But all the logic and analysis fall flat on its face because, just as the interests of the Punjabi Army of Pakistan are different from those of Pakistan, so are the interests of the Whit Hice, the fulcrum of the US-NATO-Sunni Axis, very different from those of the United States or NATO member countries: The US-NATO-Sunni Axis forged by Nixon, Yamani and Kissinger with Petro Dollars have directed global wars, terror, propaganda and economies ever since. US Greed and Islam's hate made the perfect consort dancing together since Nixon, Kissinger and Sheikh Yamani forged the US-NATO-Sunni axis. This has directed global wars, economies and public opinion ever since. The Islam Mahomet created was born from his selling his soul to Satan to sate his hatred with revenge on Muqqa. The US became partners in crime as it submitted to the oil well betwixt the mammoth thighs of Mammon. Truman threw the Kurds into Turkey's Sunni Belly in'46, Nixon, Yamani and Kissinger forged the US-NATO-Sunni Axis. US backed Pakistan's exercise of Islam in Bengal. Turkey swallowed Cyprus in '74 with US approval. Lewinksy Clinton bombed Belgrade for 84 days to render Croatia to the Vatican and throw Bosnia and Kosovo to the Sunni Caliphate. Pakistan brokered the entente cordiale betwixt US and China. The US funnelled the Islamic Bomb to Pakistan via Apartheid South Africa for Saudi Petro Dollars. Reagan took time off from Iran Contra to manufacture Sunni Terrorism out of Taliban taught Quran and Hadiths in Saudi funded Madrassas all over the World in a Pakistani staff college called Al Qaeda. A Bush Bandit (junior) comitted war crimes in Iraq to deflect anger over 9/11 from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Obama and Hilary begot the Arab Spring and threw Iraq Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, into the maws of Sunni Islam aka Terror through Regime-Change exercises. Egypt failed. Yemen too but Sauds are committing war crimes there with banned cluster bombs, mines and chemical weapons provided by NATO. Pakistan is carrying out genocide in Balochistan at China's behest with US provided arms including attack helicopters. Obama abused Indian hospitality by preaching "tolerance" while dropping 12 Billion Dollars worth of weapons into Pakistan's lap. Daesh, Al Shebab like Boko Haram, Pakistan Army, Jaish e Mohammed, Lashkar e Taiba, Turkish Army, Saudi Army and so on are different regiments of Taliban (students of the Quran and the Hadiths raised in Madrassas around the world funded by Saudi and other Sunni Petro Dollars to impose what they have learned, Islam, on the rubble of civilization). They are trained by the US-Pakistan made war college, Al Qaeda, (The Base), its successors and assigns. They are not merely US allies, but US' "boots on the ground" that are bringing democracy (regime change and chaos) on America's behalf along with Islam (vandalism, gang rapes, beheadings, genocides, slavery and so on) on Mahomet's behalf to the world. Pakistan still represents the world's fastest growing "religion" as well as the fastest growing nuclear arsenal. Pakistan's Geo-Political importance to the US comes from two reasons. (1) Location: Pakistan aims north from the Arabian Sea surrounded by four of America's proclaimed enemies: India, Iran, Russia and China. (2) Amenability: Pakistan has a long tradition of purchasability and Khybari that is similar to America's rulers and America thinks it knows how to deal with this (as US knows nothing about REAL Islam). The US is also constrained by the "Omerte" (silence) clause as Pakistan and the US are partners in far too many international war and other crimes for either to blow a whistle. The relationship is cemented by mutual "blackmail" aka "give-and-take".

Better late than never

Pakistani Punjabi insulting and humiliating Baloch,Sindhi,Pashtun,Shia,Ahmadia,Afghan and others , So All Baloch,Sindhi,Mujahirs,MQM,Pashtun,afghan,Ahmadia,Shia,POK muslims,Hindu,Christian of Pakistan unite and oppose dominance of Pakistani Punjabi.

Panjabi of Pakistan wants to make Afghan,Pashtun,Sindhi,Baloch,POK citizens their SLAVES .So all of Afghan,Baloch,Pashtun,POK persons,Shia,Ahmadia UNITE and fight against Pakistan's Punjabi dominance

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