Paintings by: Yugdeepak Soni

Text: Gargi Seth (curator)

Shringaar, an exhibition features work of the Udaipur-based artist Yugdeepak Soni. These are Pichwai paintings done in Nathdwara style. Pichwai, as the name suggests, pichh means back and wai means textile hanging. Such paintings were originally used as temple decorations to be hung behind Lord Krishna’s idol at the temple of Shrinathji in Nathdwara.

Soni is a third-generation pichhwai painter and has been trained under the guru-shishya discipline. His grandfather, Shilp Guru Badrilal Chitrakar, trained him along with other prominent artists from the family to be truly devoted to the traditional materials and techniques. Some of the finest and truest traditions have been kept alive in India where the artistic heritage was fostered and passed down the generations in a family. Soni’s Pichhwai paintings have all these—the flavour of their place of birth, Udaipur, the richness of ancestral inheritance and his own oeuvre.

Shringaar is on view at India International Centre Annexe till 1 February