Photos: Aparna Bidasaria

Text: Guardian 20

These paintings, part of a show entitled Time and Being, are by the Indore-based artist Aparna Bidasaria, who re-introduces us through her art to the wonders of the banyan tree. The legendary tree is recognised as an enduring symbol of knowledge, protection and immortality here. The paintings display brilliance of colours and profundity of thought.

Bidasaria uses her variegated palette to present the enchanting banyan tree in its myriad forms: the roots of the tree descend from its branches and anchor it to the ground by eventually transforming into trunks, while the branches move heavenward to achieve a cosmic balance.

She has now marked a decade in art and is proficient in using charcoal, pastel, ink and acrylic, all of which bestow a sense of variety and depth to her paintings.

A total of 35 of Bidasaria’s paintings will be on view at the Hirji Gallery of Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery from 14-20 August

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