Photos: Anita Khemka

Text: Guardian 20

These images are from the annual graduation show put together by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC). The last semester of the course allows students to focus on a photo project that best defines their understanding of the photographic form. The course then culminates with an exhibition.

Raksha Boken, one of the participants, has submitted photographs of urban ruins. According to her, “Ruins have always held a certain resonation with me. Their stillness and mystery somehow calm me.”

Proneet De Kashyap has photographed the city in darkness. He says, “In my photographs, I tried to enter corners of my mind that felt fear, standing or walking a silent road. Those everyday spaces are photographed in a way which shows transformation, and show how the night can become disturbing.”

Sunanda Pathak, through her series entitled Traces, found catharsis. She says, “This process of finding visuals that translate my feelings has been cathartic. It has allowed me to introspect and look outwards at the same time. It has provided me with a few answers and at times raised more questions.”