Photos and text: Nipun Nayyar

These photos are from my solo exhibition, Of Miles and Me. Travel is a form of discovery—of the self and of the world. It makes me learn about people, cultures and communities, and through them about myself. For instance, if you look at the photo of the guy in the red jacket, I waited for long, frame-composed to colour coordinate that frame. It taught me patience or that portrait of the guard in Karachi. Developing a certain connect with him was interesting as we spoke in the same language. I felt we have so much in common with our neighbours in Pakistan.

The miles I explore are enriching and photography is my medium of expressing them. It is this art that keeps me travelling deeper and helps me see the world in a unique perspective. Observing things in a different perspective is always joyful.

I am constantly working on creating unique points-of-view and have some upcoming travel plans to more isolated locations like Tasmania, Australia.

Of Miles and Me is on view at Delhi’s India Habitat Centre till 5 February