Photos: Debasish Mukherjee

Text: Kanika Anand

The images presented come from a selection of mix-media works from an exhibition, entitled The Museum Within, by artist Debasish Mukherjee.

Drawing on the disciplines of cartography, archaeology and design, the exhibition concerns itself with the position and function of the “museum”, elucidated specifically in the selection and cataloguing of objects for display as well as its role in conservation.

Donning the mantles of archaeologist, museum curator and conservator, Mukherjee reimagines these roles and reconstructs architectures and objects from his past in order to raise questions around preservation and neglect. The Museum Within proposes alternative forms of inquiry into the preservation of Indian heritage. Do our museums aptly serve as custodians of material culture and collective identity? Do our historical sites deserve more respect as emblems of social history? How can we communicate our centuries-old traditions better, so as not to lose them completely?

The exhibition goes on till 5 November at Akar Prakar Gallery in New Delhi


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