Photos & text: Bhushan Bagadia

I’ve always been interested in sustainability and conservation, hoping that my photographs can inspire change for the better.

Our intention at Simply Breathe, a company that organises holidays to explore the underwater world, is to offer people an insight into conscious living. Travellers learn mindfulness, meditation, practice yoga and participate in a conservation drive.

At the event “Vocation Redefined” which took place on 11 March, I was able to share the story of Simply Breathe and show these photographs alongside an amazing gathering of pioneers, who are exploring, experiencing and exhibiting their journey of professional discovery, organized by—a professional networking community. The event brought together a great range of speakers talking on sustainability and work-life balance. It was amazing to hear what other people are doing and how they have been able to pursue their passions as a career, whether that is photography, travel or sustainable food sourcing.